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Friday, April 21, 2017

Remember Those Two Egyptian Guys Who "Found" a Suitcase With a Pressure Cooker Bomb And Left It On The Streets of Manhattan Because They Supposedly Didn't Know What It Was?

Back in September, two Egyptian nationals were caught on CCTV images walking along NYC's sidewalk dragging a Louis Vuitton rolling suitcase which they claimed to have found unattended. Noticing it was heavy, they opened it and removed a plastic bag containing a pressure cooker which they left behind - possibly disarming the bomb components when handling. 

===>"Ali and Radwan can be seen in surveillance video discarding the plastic-wrapped bomb on the sidewalk before walking away with the bag. Authorities say the duo might have inadvertly disabled the device."<=== (see NYDailyNews link)

The news soon dismissed these two Egyptians as employees of an Egyptian airline (pilots/security) and released them. See this FBI info wanted poster for refresher: https://www.scribd.com/document/324800798/FBI-Poster

Also here:




Now consider this:

Notice, the reports do not reveal that these two Egyptian men were actually caught on video in the hotel with that bag before they claim to have found it on the sidewalk.
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