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Friday, April 14, 2017

Keeping the Con (?)

I am beginning to wonder if Trump wanted to be President to see what kind of deals he could make at that level.
He just wanted to know, out of his own self confidence, you see.
He beat the NY real estate market.
He SET the world resort market.
He trashed his brand in education, steak, yadda, and just KEPT WALKING
He redefined the use of debt in the finance market, escaping from Atlantic City, and MAY have out moved the Russian oligarchs.
The kids were coming into their own, clamoring for chances and then finding their own success. Dad, get ready to move aside.
What’s left for fun, for risk, for success?


NOW, looking at the President who moved the pieces around for the deal of Nov 2016, what’s a Bannon? He’s a piece of real estate in Yonkers. The sell by was the immigration block and extreme vetting. Obama judges WALKED ALL OVER HIM (and Trump). Sure, it was the kind of federal judge Reid and Obama had tossed the nuke option for, but lesson learned. Gorsuch is in and has anyone heard about the appeal? Just askin’, you see. I know, it takes time, but DoJ is SILENT.
And now, the trade deficit and China. Trump has already thrown the cards on the table over currency manipulation. Yesterday as we drove back to Maine, I listened to some economic guys (non govt) telling us that China had HALTED currency manipulations before Jan, and AFTER the election. So ‘this was a gimme.’
MAYBE. The MSM, the govt, the punditry, even academia (i.e. -Glenn Hubbard and Fred Mishkin-Inside Job) lie and exaggerate to us and in the mirror (fake it till you make it). So every utterance and deed must be weighed through that filter.
But it’s clear SOME KIND of cooperation was elicited from China on Norkland in exchange for this. Maybe he even has them primed to send those 150k troops over the border after we decapitate the Nork Govt to bring order (will they leave?), or to prevent mass (illegal) immigration into China as the South moves in …Pence just flew out there to Seoul.
Does this mean Shenzen remains to the world what Detroit and Pittsburgh were a century before? That those jobs stay there without large effort from us? If so, has Trump weighed that and decided physical security (no NORKLAND) is worth this? If so, he’s probably lost the next election … because the MINIMAL requirements are BOTH.
And this is just on China/Free Trade. Place this theory on all he sees. We voted this way for someone who will DO STUFF, we’re getting it. (GOOD AND HARD?) There is no ideology, it’s one deal after another, and make it happen in the real world where words are salad dressing, not the meal.
NATO. pay up. Merkel, shut up you stupid  cow. Abe, get wise and we’ll have your back. Putin, maybe you made a big error. Xi, let’s have dinner and we’ll suck down some cake while that PRICK Assad eats shit. Britain, WAY TO GO, special deals enroute, not to worry.
If it’s all just a deal, what are his promises worth on Medicare and Social Security?
On immigration.
On the border.
On health care.
He’s just going to make a reachable solution on one deal after another.
Sorry, but that promise tuned out to be impossible. We had to drop pre-existing conditions, or Obamacare goes belly up, and no one has ANY coverage.
All you people 49 years old and younger, you have to work till you’re 75 to get SS and medicare. Sorry, but we can’t have 20 million 80 year olds making NYC look like Pyonyang with bodies all over. I hated to do it, you see. But what could I do?

This is NOT a condemnation, not a conclusion, this is observation + theorizing.

In any case were were STILL guaranteed losers with Hillary (Obama+4).
In the end, unless Trump hits 4-6%+ in GDP growth and it’s AT THE STREET LEVEL in terms of disposable income, Trump has found his level. If we don’t get there soon enough, we’re all hyenas eyeing each other as the herds die around the shrinking water hole. Students wanting FAFSA rewards battling their grandparents for federal resources. Middle income folks in NH voting for deals to raid businesses from New Mexico to set up some jobs before it’s too late. Service industries evaporating as it becomes ever cheaper to replace than repair, and AI (designed elsewhere) weighing in across the board from LEGAL SERVICES even in the most complex scenarios, to IT, and the design of ever cheaper manufacturing devoid of human contributions.
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Blogger Pastorius said...

Pursuing your line of thought.

If there are two deals I need to make, and both are for my benefit, do I attempt to do two at once?

Obviously, all deals have to be win-win, but, in the case of bombing North Korea, what is the win for China? You speculation is good. However, we also have to remember, China would be concerned about the possible use of nukes in their neighborhood.

As a businessman, I have never tried to do two deals at once.

I want to gain maximum advantage on each deal.

I am not saying that it is not reasonable to do two deals. But I am saying, I can't think of a time it was to my benefit to confuse the issue, especially in a case where I was working on two deals.

That being said, there are certain deals where, if one is structured to pay off for the client, and to show my strength in comparison to my competitors - that I could literally MOAB them into dust, if you will - then it certainly would help me to get better terms on the next deal.

What do you think?

Friday, April 14, 2017 1:17:00 pm  
Blogger Pastorius said...

By the way, I get your concern. I am concerned too.

However, you are not taking into consideration all the ways in which Trump has already lived up to his rhetoric:

he took away the penalty used to enforce obamacare

he did not sign the Paris accord on climate change

he is defunding the epa, largely

he has put everyone on notice we will no longer be pursuing global warming initiatives

he has stepped up deportations

I believe there are others I am not remembering at this moment

Friday, April 14, 2017 1:21:00 pm  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

The msm as a reliable source of news is a no go.

Pastorius points out, in essence, that we should look at what Trump does or has done -- the only ways to know what the hell is going on, IMO.

Friday, April 14, 2017 3:01:00 pm  
Blogger Epaminondas said...

Trump won on TWO issues that cross all ideological and party borders

1) Border-Wall-National Security

2) Free Trade/Economy

100% of my judgment of Trump rests on those 2 issues and the RESULTS he gets.
Right now today, I see no action moving his appeal (if there is one). Maybe tomorrow there will be some

I see the budget for the wall delayed without audible objection from him, altho next year in govt budget parlance is this October.

I HEARD him say China was no currency manipulator, altho he campaigned on those very words for a year, but I will give him that if it's part of a deal .. I will defer judgment for the completion of the deal.

Anyone disagree with that?

I'm wide open for other facts

Friday, April 14, 2017 4:13:00 pm  

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