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Thursday, April 06, 2017

The most peaceful religion is also the most feminist

The dishonest, deceitful, dishonourable, dissembling Imam Syed Soharwardy spoke in front of an audience in Toronto:
Women leadership in Islam has been from the start. In the holy Quran the relationship between husband and wife is described so beautifully that I don’t think you’d find such a description in any scripture… The is no gender-based superiority in Islam.
He continues:
If I would say that Islam is the most feminist religion it’s not untrue. Yes, there are people, there are people of clergy also, they misinterpret, they definitely have different mindset, but they are very, very small minority.
It's funny how that "very, very small minority" is in charge of entire countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, etc. One simply has to read the recent news to see the truth.

1. Jihad Watch: PA TV instructs viewers to obey Qur’an’s rules for wife-beating. Hey, hey, hey! It's not your ordinary wife-beating. It's a feminist wife-beating.

2. Birmingham Mail: Birmingham Islamic school forced to pull job advert for 'male only' teacher after equalities row.

3. The Express Tribune: Rape victims can lead 'good' life if they marry attackers: Malaysian lawmaker. They're most likely feminist rapists.

4. Christian Today: Deaf girl severely beaten by her Muslim family for embracing Jesus; Christians urged to pray for her safety. If only she could hear about the most feminist religion ...


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