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Governments are instituted among Men,
deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,
That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends,
it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it,
and to institute new Government

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Two Part Violation of the USA, it’s law and it’s spirit


This morning Fox is all over their direct sourcing of the news that it was someone VERY HIGH UP in the intelligence community of the USA was responsible for the surveillance AND unmasking of Trump associates during the election campaign AND transition. NO ONE but Fox is reporting this.
CNN – 0 minutes
MSNBC – 0 minutes
ABC – 0 minutes
NBC – 0 minutes
CBS – 0 minutes
Violation 2  – The immediate suspects
  1. James Clapper Obama DNI, who already perjured himself before Congress and ADMITTED TO DOING SO
  2. John Brennan Obama Director of the CIA who protected Osama Bin Laden while Bill Clinton was president by obstinately valuing the lives of foreign so called allies over Americans’ lives, by advising that collateral casualties prohibited action to kill OBL, DURING THE 90’s. He then went on during the Obama admin to claim that the repatriation and reeducation of Guantanamo terrorists to their native nations was successful, because recidivism rates were no worse than that of car thieves.
  3. Mike Rogers Chief of  the NSA since 2014, who denied with James Comey having any knowledge of surveillance of the Trump transition or campaign BEFORE CONGRESS
  4. James Comey, Director of the FBI who also denied any knowledge of this BEFORE CONGRESS
The only direct crime in the entire Russia fiasco (and how successful are they right now?) we know of is the ILLEGAL unmasking of the names of those SUPPOSEDLY incidentally collected while a counterintelligence operation against Russia was ongoing. Everything else is suspicion and conspiracy (so far). I smell a final result equal to the ridiculous birth certificate fiasco which was transparently absurd from start to finish.
Let’s go back to square one.


The only reason anything Russia MIGHT have done had any impact, is because the CORRUPT DNC which had been in the middle of rigging the national primary system, had in their emails uncovered itself in the act, and placed Russia and Putin in the position of REVEALING THE TRUTH TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.
Protestations from Democrats that one day the Republican corruption will be unmasked in some other campaign are a lot misdirection, whining and the dog ate my homework.
  1. Anyone who colluded with ANYONE ELSE to rig a primary or election BELONGS IN JAIL
  2. Anyone who is upset at Russian interference should be stating unequivocally, that attempting to change the result of an American election is CASUS BELLI .. and this INCLUDES influence operations, not just rigging the ballot machines.
  3. Anyone using the shade of covert surveillance under the guide of counterintelligence to CHANGE THE COURSE and CHOICE of an american election, OR ITS RESULT, BELONGS IN JAIL
  4. Recognition must be made that at some EXTREME level, sedition DOES become criminal, and that level is the COLLUSION OF THE MEDIA with one party to overthrow the election result, by repeated reference to the illegitimacy of the people’s choice ..whether that be Barack Obama by birth certificate, or what we see displayed before us now. Else we WILL end up with civil violence, via incitement. No one cares if John Lewis claims a president in illegitimate. It is ALL OUR RIGHT, but when the blurred lines of opinion journalism masquerading as reporting as displayed by PARTICULARLY NOW – Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper, Brian Stelter and MSNBC becomes an unending dirge in 100% CONSONANCE with the message of one of our parties, with admitted, and JUSTIFIED LOSS OF OBJECTIVITY and it ends in mimicry of what the Arabs have done to Israel, we have a problem, and it MUST be rectified.


Our Dishonest President

The Founders always felt that the main danger to the Republic would the government, and its power, itself. We have faced many dangers since 1789, but the main danger REMAINS.
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