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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Laura Loomer and Jack Pobosiec Disrupt Left's NYC ("Shakespeare in the Park") Trump Assassination Play, Here are Five Facts You Need to Know

1) Posobiec and Others Set Up a GoFundMe Account to Help Loomer
To help pay for Loomer’s legal defense, the media Conservative outlet they both work for — The Rebel — set up a page on its we website called FreeLaura.com to take contributions from around the world. A legal defense fund campaign was also set up on WeSearchr, and it raised almost $5,000 in less than three hours. 
2. Both Loomer & Posobiec Work at The Rebel
Loomer and Posobiec are described as being right-wing journalists and activists. The Rebel produces different forms of Conservative media such as news articles, opinion pieces and activism. 
3. A Complaint Was Filed After Loomer Tried to ‘Organize’ a Student Club for ISIS
In 2015, when Loomer was a reporter at Project Veritas, a complaint was filed against her because she shot an undercover video while trying to advocate for a student club that supports ISIS at Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida. 
The complaint that was filed by a professor at the school said that Loomer didn’t tell officials at the school that they were being recorded. When the professor found out that Loomer was recording, he said that he told her “Any audio or video recorded without permission cannot be used,” The Washington Times reported. 
Project Veritas is a news outlet that seeks to investigate and expose political and social corruption. Loomer was a student at the school at the time and was suspended. (Editor's Note: AWESOME!) 
5. Loomer Put a Burqa on the ‘Fearless Girl’ Statue


SICK LIBERALS CHEER Removal of Protesters at Central Park Play So They Can Enjoy Their Assassination Fetish 

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