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it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it,
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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Bloomberg Poll: Just 6% Of Americans Say Russia Story Is “Important”

The verdict is in: Nobody cares.
Bloomberg News released a poll on Monday and, of course, couched it in the worst possible terms for President Donald Trump.
"Americans Feel Good About the Economy, Not So Good About Trump," said the headline. 
"Almost six months into Donald Trump’s presidency, Americans are feeling fairly optimistic about their jobs, the strength of the U.S. economy, and their own fortunes. That should be welcome news for the president, except for one thing: The public’s confidence largely appears to be in spite of Trump, not because of him."
Throughout the story, Bloomberg downplayed Trump's role in the improving job market and thundering economy. We'll get back to that later, but something glaring leaped out at us.
Here are the top issues people care about: 
  • Health care -- 35%
  • Unemployment and jobs -- 13%
  • Terrorism -- 11%
  • Immigration -- 10%
  • Climate Change -- 10%
  • Relationship with Russia -- 6%
  • Taxes -- 4%
  • Other -- 4%
  • Trade -- 2%
  • None of these -- 2%
  • Not sure -- 2%
The question posed to those surveyed was "Which of the following do you see as the most important issue facing the country right now?"
So, 79% said, "Not Russia."

Just 6% said Russia — despite the nonstop coverage from the mainstream media on unsubstantiated allegations that Trump and his campaign team colluded with Vladimir Putin to swing the 2016 election Trump's way.
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