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Friday, July 07, 2017

Could Trump Really Be Draining The Swamp? The water appears to be receding at key Beltway bureaucracies

The Senate still hasn’t voted on ObamaCare reform, U.S. workers are still waiting for tax cuts to drive economic growth and President of the United States Donald Trump is trading insults with the co-hosts of an MSNBC talk show. Yet Mr. Trump appears to be making progress in what might have seemed the most difficult task given to him by voters in 2016: reducing the power of Washington’s permanent bureaucracy.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson wasn’t exactly dying to move to Washington to run a federal department, but he seems to have warmed to the task. Max Bergmann, a former Obama Administration official now at the leftist Center for American Progress, writes in Politico that the “deconstruction of the State Department is well underway.” Discounting for the usual Beltway hyperbole, this probably isn’t as good as it sounds.
All kidding aside, the State Department is one federal agency that was actually contemplated by America’s founders. Conducting foreign policy is an important and necessary task for our central government. But like so much of the Beltway bureaucracy State has been overfunded and undermanaged for years. Now, despite what you may have read about untouchable bureaucrats unaccountable to the public they are supposed to serve, Mr. Tillerson has found ways to clean house. . . .
The former Obama appointee is apparently so unnerved by the Trump-Tillerson era at State that he lets slip the fact that the career staff didn’t think much of the previous management either, and that the conservative critique of the department is at least partly true.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha ha ...Did Putin just provide Sessions and President Trump the excuse to get their hands on the DNC server? Ha ha ha!!!

Podesta's twitter feed suggests he's on a cross-country trip with his wife and pulled over to a rest stop to see what Trump tweeted about him

Mike Cernovich mentions it in his tweet
"If they weren't before, they are now.
Trump hits Podesta over DNC server; ex-Clinton chair fires back
Trump says 'everyone' in Germany talking about Podesta, . . .
Bwa ha ha ha ha!!! Go Trump!!

Friday, July 07, 2017 7:39:00 pm  

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