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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ian Bremmer of TIME, the MSM and the ICON yarn for a press HOSTILE to 2/3 of the USA

Yesterday late in the afternoon the story of Trump meeting (sans his interpreter) broke as if Trump was the Rosenbergs, and Colonel Abel rolled into one.
According to Tuesday reports, in their second conversation, Trump spoke with the Russian leader for roughly an hour, joined only by Putin’s translator. The meeting had previously gone without mention by the administration.
Everywhere, RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA, proof of collusion was the meme.
Only LATER did it emerge that not only were they talking AT A DINNER for the G-20, but that Melania and Putin had a one on one conversation AT THE DINNER, and they had sat near/next to each other NEEDING NO INTERPRETER (they both speak German) GIVEN BY MERKEL for all the leaders. Not only that, Melania was ASKED by Merkel to sit next to Putin, and Trump later JOINED his wife there. There were FORTY people at the dinner.


A critical and adversarial press would have learned of this purportedly secret meeting (sworn to by a columnist who had JUST PREDICTED Trump was so in the pocket of Putin he would never have bought up election meddling), and said, “WHAT?” and then dug out the context and reality of what was discussed (probably how good or lousy the shrimp was, for starters)
A hostile press, however, is what demonstrated itself to the people. The press' and the rabid democrats' self induced image of Trump, however, is the necessary 'truth' which this DISHONEST, SELF DELUDED, and inimical press HAD to make real to justify themselves.
INNER COMPULSIONS must be satisfied.
I was 25 during Watergate, and this is all far worse..

Today, the sad OBJECTIVE REALITY is that the MEDIA worldwide reporting on Trump is Al Jazeera reporting on the Jews

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