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Monday, July 10, 2017

Insh'allah: Things We Will See Very Soon In Our Future If We Don't Turn Back The Islamic Tide

From Vlad Tepes Blog:

Everyone speaks of islamization. There is no daily news where you don’t see, sooner or later Islam mentioned. You think that is the high point of it all? Think again. Here you will read what all will very concretely come in the future: From your dog to your wine reserves all the way to your gay neighbor! A guest entry by Barbara Köster
One word for you, Dear readers, in case that you don’t see a larger problem about islam. I want to try and show you, which possibilities are becoming reality and what you are supporting if you support those that accept islamization and even purposefully bring it here. You will have to decide if this is how you want to live.
To all house and apartment owners and renters:
You own your property unrightfully. Rightfully it belongs to Muslims. This also goes for all the things you own which you have looked at as your own property until now. For the practical transference of your alleged property to the true owners, time is merely not quite ripe yet.
To all single women:
You should get married as fast as possible, or you will have to move in with your parents, uncles or siblings. A woman living alone is a prostitute. Landlords are told not to let such women rent any apartments. Mixed communities of men and women that aren’t related to each other is also not possible in Islamic culture. Here, as well, sodomy is presumed.
To all single males:
You will also want to marry as quickly as possible. Unmarried men are not liked to be seen in Islamic society. Marriage is a quasi  religious duty.
To all homosexuals:
You should know. For you, the death penalty is in store.”
To all married people:
Marriage according to Islamic law is only between a man and a woman, whereas a man may have up to four wives. The islamic marriage is usufruct. The man acquires the right to use the sexual organs of his wife (wives). The concept of marital rape does therefore not exist.
For the husbands only the picture of the prophet mohammed stands: they represent the prophet to their wives. This is all about the power of order. For the wife the example of Mohammed is not applicable, but the example of his wives is. It is about submission and obedience. The man-wife relationship is a super- and subordination. Family relation comes before marital relation. In islam, the word family is not pertaining just to the small isolated direct family, which is seen as western decadence, but the large extended family. While the family as a social entity is untouchable in Islam, the couple relationship in Islamic marriage is always vulnerable through the easiness with which men can enforce a divorce, through the use of masked prostitution such as the “time marriage”, or through the permission of concubines.
To all fathers:
Childhood in islamic culture is not valued. Children do not have rights, they belong to the general property. To set their own well being behind one’s own, even to play with a child on a regular basis, garners you just as little respect as there is towards the child. Respect is given only to the father, and you have to work for it. You can command over your children at your own discretion, the child has to follow you blindly, similarly as how it has to listen blindly to god. Children have to listen to all their elders and stronger ones.
Even a grown man remains the son of his father and can only gain independent authority through the dominion over women and children.
To all mothers:
Child rearing is the duty of the family and therefore yours as a woman and mother. But you will still have only a partial right to your children. In the case of divorce your ex-husband can allow a son until the age of 7, and a daughter until puberty, in your care and afterwards they will live with him. The father is always the only legal representative. Organizations for the relieve of families – such as daycares and kindergarten – are not necessary. They are even harmful as they disturb the family network. Family is a norm that has to be fulfilled and not just a word that describes familial relationships.
To all who live with care-dependent relatives:
The support of defendants falls into the responsibility of the family as well. An Islamic community generally doesn’t see itself responsible to take over family duties. It would be entirely conceivable however that welfare organizations, who until now were involved in elderly- and nursing homes, would be transferred over to islamic charity foundations who then would exercise welfare and poverty relieve according to their own idea.
To all girls and women who love to ride bicycles:
Watch the movie “The Girl Wadjda”! ?

To all dog owners and those that wish to have a dog:
Dogs are unclean and therefore are not allowed to be held indoors. Black dogs are to be killed.

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Anonymous Maggat said...

REading that it is not to hard to understand why b
that bunch are such a screwed up bunch of idiots.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 5:22:00 am  

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