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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Minnesota: Non-Muslim Woman Shot and Killed By Somali Muslim Police Officer For No Clear Reason

AUDIO RELEASED=> Shooting of MN Woman By Somali Cop Mohamed Noor While She Was Talking to His Partner

Mohamed Noor reached over his partner and shot Damond dead while she was speaking to his partner. 
Damond called the police to report a possible assault down the alley behind her home. 
Mohamed was the first Somali officer in his precinct. 
Damond was shot and killed while wearing her pajamas and speaking to another police officer after calling 911 to report a possible assault in an alley behind her home on July 15, reports The Minneapolis Star-Tribune. 
Noor’s partner was described as “stunned” by the shooting. CBS Minneapolis reported that Damond “made the 911 call and was speaking to police officers Saturday night. They were near the alley when the officer in the passenger seat reached across and shot her. A cell phone was found near Damond’s body.”
Now here's the audio:
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Anonymous thelastenglishprince said...

It has taken THREE DAYS for the Minneapolis police to come up with a narrative that the other officer heard a loud noise.

But initial reports stated the officer in the driver's seat was "stunned" (seemed to be his words) when Mohammed Noor leaned over him and shot through the door as he talked with Ms. Damond. There was no mention of a loud noise. Three days later....

Something does not feel right. It has the feel of a narrative.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 3:45:00 am  

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