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Sunday, July 09, 2017

This left wing journalist is writing a book featuring far right wing racist islamophobes opposed to immigration. She exhibits how closed minded they remain. 
Having never read any religious books - not the bible or koran - she insists those who identify Islam as inherently violent are wrong. By example she met for one hour with Anjem Choudary, claims he was not a hate preacher - and equates Anjem with Tommy.  
Having zero knowledge or curiosity about any religious doctrine, she considers herself a well researched 'journalist' and published author. 
That the credibility of such ignorant pap isn't questioned by all publishing houses is remarkable.  
BTW - Tommy held his own quite well...but given the intellect he was dealing with - it wasn't much of a challenge.

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Blogger Kid said...

she needs to move to the ME

Sunday, July 09, 2017 1:50:00 am  

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