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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Who Is George Webb?

I am running this post so that, when I put up posts from George Webb in the future, I can refer readers who are not familiar with Webb, to the sidebar, so they can learn of him.

George Webb is a reporter who spends his time traveling the country digging up news stories. One of his major stories that we posted here in the past year was the Awan Brothers. He is not the person who originally broke the story, but he added a lot to it over time.

I am always interested in Webb, but a lot of what he says comes from so far out in left field - and is so far ahead out of the news cycle - that I simply never know how to catch people up.

And much of what he says may be wrong.

Commenter WhupTDue wrote the following of Webb:
George Webb funds himself and is loathe to accept outside funding. When I began watching his videos months ago, I recall him saying he sold his house and was living off those funds. One of his sons is in medical school in NYC and that may also have precipitated his need to sell his home to help finance that education. 
A little background on George - His dad, George H. Sweigert has his own wiki page and is credited as the first inventor to hold a patent for the invention of the cordless telephone. 
George Jr.'s brother is actor "Dave Acton" (former military, works in IT). His brother Dave was online a couple months ago - ranting about George's mental instability to "Defango" a 'determined' detractor of George Webb's video series. (don't know what to make of it all) 
The "Crowdsource the Truth" crew duo (Jason & Trish) suspect "Defango" may be Gucifer 2 (a DNC ruse). 
George has nothing but respectful things to say about Dave and credits Dave for teaching him everything he knows about seeking meta-data. 
Webb's co-horts, Jason Goodman (computer/visual/audio tech) and Trish Pagon (writer?) , however, are accepting funding to join George on his 'adventures' or to expand upon them. For example, Trish and Jason traveled to the UK in an effort to interview Julian Assange at the embassy to confirm Seth Rich's identity as the DNC leak. They were not successful in reaching Assange since he did not appear on the balcony as scheduled but they did manage to meet another suspected diplomat allegedly involved in transferring the leaked data to Wikileaks . 
I don't know if he is going to write a book, but I imagine this trek of his and the details he is exposing will make for an entertaining documentary movie similar to "The Big Short"...but I have reservations over whether anyone will actually be held accountable legally. 
Webb continues to support/defend Obama and has expressed on multiple occasions that he does not wish to see Hillary, Podesta, Huma, Awans or anyone else legally prosecuted. 
He states he is doing this to force (Andrew) "McCabe" (of all people) to "leave him and his family alone". I'm not familiar with the backstory with McCabe and Webb but it must be something intense to result with such a public and documented 'independent investigative project' based solely on 'metadata'. 
BTW...Webbs personal videos have slowed to a trickle each day - however, he has multiple podcasts with "Crowdsource the Truth" which run over an hour each - every day. I can't spend that much time watching each and every episode so I'm sure I've missed quite a bit. The Crowd-source folks supply research data which leads to meta-data Webb uses to outline/expose the (drug/organ/weapon/human trafficking) rat-lines and those connected within them. The term "deep state" sounds too mild and too innocuous to represent the complicated and deadly forces which are being exposed.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last night on the CrowdsourcetheTruth channel, George, Jason & Trish interviewed Pat Miletich & Jeffrey Wilson of "Conspiracy Farm". The Tsarnaev brothers topic was mentioned with details that were new to me...link to video preset to begin w/discussion:

I transcribed the discussion but it's too long for a comment. Rather - here are the main points with links to verify details...

The Tsarnaev brothers were linked to the FBI as informants. They were also linked to the gruesome murder of three Boston MMA (Mixed Martial Artists)identified as Brendan Mess, Erik Weissman and Raphael Teken (Raffi).
In prior msm reports these men were described as druggies because they were discovered with pot strewn on their carcasses as well as with $5Gs in the apt. Wiki: 2011 Waltham triple murder

Several bloggers picked up on this noting all three victims were Jewish. Brenden Mess was allegedly Tamerlan Tsarnaev's best friend.

Media reports on these victims revealed they were each nearly beheaded. What the media did not reveal - according Pat Miletich, was:
===>"Those were the guys that had their genitalia cut off and put in their mouths – a call sign of the extremist Islamic groups that do this after they get done torturing people."<====
Earlier in the interview, Pat also mentioned:
====>"Word on the street is this, MMA, Kenny Florian’s brother (Kirk) got converted to Islam, started doing a lot of anti-semitic stuff but he didn’t go the full mile for them. Because he didn’t go the full mile and attack a place of Jewish worship or attack some Jewish folks. Basically, they made an example out of him. That’s the word on the street with that. But, the people you have to remember that are attacking these MMAs and killing them, cutting off their genitalia and stuffing them in their mouths is something that the media is not telling you about is these guys are MMAs and armed heavily when they do their thing. When they kick in the door of somebody that’s supposedly on their team who maybe found out what they were up to – things like that. And, yeah, so this is the nasty business that’s going on up there.”<===
Also ===>"Uncle Ruslan coming out and then finding out his affiliation with Graham Fuller and being married to Graham Fuller’s daughter, living in Graham Fuller’s home. Graham Fuller being CIA head over in the stands" <====

Friday, July 21, 2017 5:06:00 pm  
Blogger Robert said...

Here are two quotes that might help you make sense of it all

"...truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies" Winston Churchill

Disinformation is necessary - Q

Monday, May 14, 2018 4:53:00 pm  

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