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Friday, September 22, 2017

Fake Muslim, fake statistics

The fake Muslim links to a story that is demonstrably false.
They and untold thousands like them are the extremists who hide among us, the right-wing militants who, since 2002, have killed more people in the United States than jihadis have. In that time, according to New America, a Washington think tank, Islamists launched nine attacks that murdered 45, while the right-wing extremists struck 18 times, leaving 48 dead.
Two points:

1. Since 2002!? Yeah, let's not count 9/11. Wouldn't want to mess with The Narrative.

2. The article is from 2/4/2016. So, not only does it ignore 9/11; it's old enough to not count June 12, 2016 when Omar Mateen, who swore allegiance to ISIS, murdered 49 people at The Pulse nightclub in Florida.

A Muslim gunned down more people in a few minutes than all the "right-wing" attacks in the US over 14 years!

Yes, the fake Muslim links to a story from February 2016. Why? To give the heinous false impression that Muslims are somehow less of a threat. Rashid is a deceitful little Ahmadi.

Check out the following numbers that I crunched last month.

In the USA:
  • Non-Muslims: 99%
  • Muslims: 1%
In terrorist attacks on US soil from 2000-2017, Americans murdered by:
  • Non-Muslims: 1.7% (54)
  • Muslims: 98.3% (3088)
So, 54 people were murdered in terror attacks by culprits who came from the 320 million infidel population of the US. That's 0.17 murdered in a terrorist attack from every 1 million infidels in America. 3,088 people were murdered in terror attacks by Muslims who come from the total 3 million halaal population of the US. That's 1,029 murdered in a terrorist attack from every 1 million Muslims in America.

When it comes to terrorism in America in the current century:
A) In simple terms, Muslims have murdered 57 times more people than non-Muslims.
B) In proportional terms, a Muslim is 6,100 times more lethal than a non-Muslim.

One has to ignore the numbers, deny reality, and pervert the truth to say that Whites or non-Muslims are the real threat in America.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Newsweek is a leftist publication. Of course they will support Islam.

Friday, September 22, 2017 10:53:00 pm  

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