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Thursday, October 12, 2017


British jihadi Sally Jones killed by US drone strike fleeing ISIS hell

WHITE Widow Sally Jones has been killed by a drone, says the CIA.
US spy chiefs told their British counterparts that jihadi Jones, who fled the UK to be an ISIS recruiter, died in June.

 Jones left the UK to be an ISIS recruiter

The US Air Force Predator strike is said to have taken place close to the border between Syria and Iraq.
A Whitehall source today confirmed Jones's death after she left her home in Chatham, Kent, with her 12-year-old son JoJo in 2013 to join ISIS in Syria.
The source said: “The Americans zapped her trying to get away from Raqqa. Quite frankly, it’s good riddance.”
CIA chiefs told their UK counterparts that a Predator killed 50-year-old Jones in June.
But news of the success has been kept quiet on both sides of the Atlantic amid fears Jojo may also have died.
Reports say Jones was last been seen alive fleeing the carnage in Raqqa and heading toward the Syrian border town of Mayadin.
Jones regularly used her son as a human shield.It is not known whether Jones was in a building or a moving vehicle when the drone struck.
It was flown remotely by a pilot at an air base in the States. The CIA and MI6 officers spent months trying to track her down.
Jones, a key IS recruiter of female foreign jihadis, was designated a High Value Target and would have been high on a US kill list.
But sources said Jojo was not specifically targeted as he had not been deemed a combatant.
If he was also killed in the missile strike, it would not have been on purpose.

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