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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Friday Night Document Surprise from Office of Inspector General

Well, well, well… here’s a surprise. Office of Inspector General has apparently begun giving Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte the 1.2 million pages of evidence from the year-long inspector general investigation into FBI and DOJ politicization:

As previously discussed, Inspector General Michael Horowitz had promised to deliver around 1.2 million pages of documents from his investigation to Chairman Bob Goodlatte on/around January 15th, 2018. 
The DOJ Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs is Stephen Boyd; he’s a Trump appointment and replaced the politically corrupt Peter Kadzik (John Podesta’s pal). 
Boyd is the liaison between the DOJ and Congress responsible for complying with oversight requests from the Judicary Committee. Looks like Stephen Boyd delivered early.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Athough this death was mentioned in earlier threads, this story clarifies details....
ANOTHER threat to the Pedestal-Clinton crime cartel found dead. This man was 36 years old.

WikiLeaks collaborator, James Dolan, who co-created the technology that allowed WikiLeaks to obtain and publish the leaked DNC and Podesta emails, has been found dead. He was 36.

Saturday, January 13, 2018 3:43:00 pm  

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