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Saturday, August 04, 2018

The Spree Killing of Irving, Texas

From The Last English Prince:

A  look back:
“Ahmed’s mistreatment may have been apparent to the entire world…”
“… the broader climate facing students of color in the school district.”
“There was a simple reason why Americans responded with compassion and outrage when they first heard about Ahmed Mohamed.”
“I am horrified that officials did not follow protocol by calling his parents or offering him an attorney –demonstrating to me that there is a special justice system set up for Muslims, including Muslim children.”
“The only plausible explanation for a teacher at a school chartered for innovation to respond to a student’s invention with incarceration is that the student was Sudanese American and Muslim, and the teacher, like many Americans, had been saturated with anti-Muslim bigotry and Islamophobia. The irrational response of school officials in Irving, Texas…”
“This all raises a red flag for us — how Irving’s government entities are operating in the current climate,” said the chapter’s leader, Alia Salem.
“By the time of the city officials’ press conference, the story had become a national embarrassment for Irving, for the schools, the politicians, and the police -”
And despite its having proportionally the fifth-most Muslim residents by state, anti-Muslim sentiment flourishes in Texas.

“How the right-wing media and a small band of activists turned Irving into a hotbed of hatred.”

“Through the media’s lens, Irving, one of the most diverse cities in the United States, became known as a city with a problem, the problem of bigotry.”

The narrative and the stage was managed at the federal level.  The public knows of the involvement of the POTUS.  His Tweet preceded an actual viewing of the device by the City of Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne.
The Last English Prince was present in the family home during the Dallas Morning News interview.  This interview was conducted late in the afternoon.   TLEP was also present at the time a phone call was received from  CAIR.  I also spoke to the CAIR representative.  My voiced concern was the right of a minor to counsel. It is the same concern that would be shown for any minor.
Early the next morning not only did the Dallas Morning News carry the headline, but the story of a young Muslim man was already a “top ten” trending story in the global market. What this means, is that Europe broke the news while we were all still peacefully snoozing in our beds.  They had the “news” before the “news” hit our local market.
The federal branch released media dogs with long leashes which quickly circled the globe.  Such a plum of a “leak”.  What should have been an internal school discipline problem; what should have been left to the governance of a municipality; was stripped from our hands. We were not allowed a state’s right to governance; nor a city’s right to manage her own affairs without interference.We were set upon and let the chips fly where they may and land upon whomever they choose.
But what the public does not know is of the involvement of the Department of State in also managing this stage and the amplification of a narrative.
In the weeks following the hoax bomb incident  my city endured much vitriol against us.  We shouldered the burden of news that cast our citizens as villains.  We were knowingly allowed to be shamed, denigrated, and treated with disrespect.
For what purpose?  Who benefited financially?  Who received a political advantage?
This is my city.  It was a media spree killing.
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