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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Brazil’s New Foreign Minister Gives Profound Philosophical Base to Democratic Nationalism

Ernesto Henrique Fraga Araújo
Brazil's Foreign Minister

From Center for Security Policy:
"There is no real outside enemy: the enemy is self-neglect. The postmodern West is a West that does not want to look at itself. It has a strong impulse to question itself, and sometimes even enjoys replacing its own culture with the culture of non-Western immigrants arriving in increasing numbers. 
It doesn’t do so because it is altruistic, nor because it has compassion or tolerance – which are just a façade: at heart the West has opened up the floodgates for millions of immigrants because it is in self-rejection, because it is suffering psychically. Trump wants to stop this self-destructive impulse from advancing." 
"The post-modern West that was the result of all meanings being deconstructed is also a politically-correct West where meanings are imposed, taboos are established, and thought is set in stone. 
The West was born questioning the meaning of words, but it has given up lately. 
If Socrates were to show up today and, using his famous approach, were to start asking “what is racism?”; “what is social justice?”; “what are human rights?”; “what is a right?”; “what is human?”; and were he to reveal how intellectually senseless and superficial these and other concepts were, he would once again be condemned to drink hemlock." 
 "Take “diversity,” for example. It’s often said that Africa’s problems – civil wars, coups d’état, massacres, and instability – are as a result of the artificially-created colonial borders the independent African countries inherited, borders that brought together several rival ethnic groups under one state. 
Underlying that interpretation, which is so common among well-meaning people, is the assumption that ethnic diversity within a country thus triggers the most serious conflicts. An obvious corollary is that African borders should, ideally, be redrawn along ethnic lines, avoiding diversity within the same country. 
However, the same well-thinking people go to extremes to promote diversity in Western countries, arguing that not only is it a moral duty but also that, given its supposed benefits, saying that the diversity provided by immigration stimulates intellectual advancement, cultural output, and the economy. Quite interesting. 
The only way to rationally explain this reverse sign of diversity – bad in Africa, good in the United States or in Europe – is to assume that certain people have the capacity to live with diversity while others do not. 
Such an explanation would, of course, be met with rejection by an outraged dominant ideology. How, then, do they explain it? They don’t. 
They remain double-minded, the Stalinist logic, whereby 2 + 2 is sometimes 5, is sometimes 3, depending on what is politically-expedient. “Diversity’ is thus explained as a concept that is not rational, nor searchable, nor can be inquired into, but merely a slogan, a brick you throw into a window you want to break, rather than a brick to be used, along with other bricks, to construct a building of logical thinking."

I want to take note of something here:

Ernesto Henrique Fraga Araújo is Brazil's new FOREIGN Minister. And yet, he is obviously very concerned with Domestic Policy.

That is how a Nationalist looks at the world. A Foreign Minister works for the good of his Nation, not for the good of other nations.

You hear Trump say, "We're going to negotiate the best deal for us, and China is going to negotiate the best for China."

Trump never objects to other nations serving their best interests. He finds that to be reasonable, because it is.

What is unreasonable is a Nation which does not work in it's own best interests, but is, instead, primarily concerned with what it can do for others, even at it's own expense.

A Nation like that will soon be bankrupt, and no longer able to serve any useful purpose.

America has been a shining city on the hill for the Nations. But it no longer will be if it loses it's intellectual and spiritual identity, and it's resources.
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