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Sunday, July 12, 2020

SOUNDS LIKE BABYLON BEE SATIRE, BUT IT'S NOT: Man Standing With Sign Delcaring, ""The right to openly discuss ideas must be defended" Called "Nazi Scum" and "Fascist" By Angry Crowd

Vlad Tepes Blog comments:
What is critical to understand is that certain terms, “racist”, “Nazi”, “Fascist” and so on only mean one thing. ‘Not with or seen to be with the communist revolution underway’. That is all it means or has meant for a while. 
It explains what seems to be hypocricy. Why black people who are extremely reasonable and have achieved a great deal are called racists and fascists by the left. In fact they are hated more than white males, because one Clarence Thomas or Candice Owens is a much bigger threat to the communist revolution than is a few white males unaware of what is actually going on. Seeing things at face value means being controlled opposition.  
If something doesn’t make sense, look for a higher level and simpler metric till it does. This is one example. That these terms listed are merely rhetorical weapons to eliminate anyone who is an obstacle to the complete and total totalitarian Leninst-Maoist state they seek to establish.

More than 150 academics and journalists denounce JK Rowling and Noam Chomsky’s letter pleading for free speech because they are ‘white, wealthy and endowed with massive platforms’ 

A group of academics and professionals from the world of journalism are speaking out to denounce a letter that was published earlier this week in Harper’s Magazine in which its signatories spoke out to decry as they saw as a slow stifling of free speech. 
Dozens of artists, writers and academics signed the open letter decrying the weakening of public debate and warning that the free exchange of information and ideas was in jeopardy amid a rise in what they call ‘illiberalism.’ 
J.K. Rowling, Salman Rushdie and Margaret Atwood were among dozens of writers, artists and academics to argue against ideological conformity.
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