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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Why Would Anyone Want To Have Sex With A Dog? Oh Well, I Shouldn't Make Too Much Of This

From the Guardian via Little Green Footballs:

When I visited Turkey last week on an inaugural London-to-Ankara flight, I decided the country was clearly ripe for membership of the European Union. Only a short walk from my hotel I found a Marks & Spencer, a McDonald’s, a Body Shop and a Mothercare. I could have been in Milton Keynes.

But on the flight home next day, a stewardess gave me a copy of the Daily Telegraph that threatened to change my view. It contained a story from Ankara, the city I had just left, bearing the headline Muslims Accused of Killing “Unclean” Dogs. The report said a Turkish vet caring for stray animals had come across hundreds of dead dogs in a municipal dump. These were said to have been left there by city workers who liked to round up, torture and kill dogs because they believed them “unclean”.

This made me wonder if Turkey really is ready to join Europe. True, its people seemed charming, intelligent and civilised; and its capital city could boast an M&S. But this was no way to treat a dog.

Furthermore, the report included the distressing detail that at least two of the dead dogs had been sexually abused. Why would you want sexually to abuse a dog if you considered it “unclean”? It made no sense, but it suggested that the founder of modern Turkey, the great Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, had died before Europeanising his country as fully as he would have liked.

But I mustn’t make too much of this.

No, Mr. Guardian Journalist Guy, what you ought to do is stick your head in the sand.
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Blogger Always On Watch said...

Bestiality. Lower and lower these psychos sink.

Saturday, April 08, 2006 3:39:00 am  
Blogger DoctorBoogaloo said...

We're just starting to get a real whiff of this neanderthal system of belief.
But what can you expect of a religion whose founder was a child rapist?

Saturday, April 08, 2006 5:48:00 am  
Blogger The Anti-Jihadist said...

Lest we forget, the Turkish army invaded Cyprus in 1974 and imposed an Islamic state on an ancient Christian land by force. Today in Northern Cyprus, rotting churches are used for stables, barns and warehouses. Christians themselves are a permanent underclass in their own country.

Meanwhile, in Turkey itself, Jihad is alive and well. Christians are persecuted and murdered for being Christians. "Mein Kampf" is a best seller and has been for years. A top movie at the Turkish cinema portrays American soldiers as a marauding band of Muslim murderers who let Jewish doctors take the internal organs.
of their victims.

And this is a country people think is ready for the EU?

But of course, I mustn't make too much of all of this.

Saturday, April 08, 2006 7:01:00 am  
Anonymous Mustafa Kamel said...

It is standard Muslim practice to kill an animal after having sex with it. See http://www.hinduunity.org/articles/islamexposed/excerptsayatollah.html

Saturday, April 08, 2006 11:19:00 am  
Blogger Pim's Ghost said...

This Turkish cleansing of dogs has been bugging me for a while now, but I didn't know that there had been any beastiality involved.....hmmm....the Turks are just too difficult of a people to figure out. I have tried for years, and cannot make sense of them. I find them rather like Klingons in culture, language and names. Ataturk tried his best, and he REALLY wanted to throw off any ties to the Middle East and Europeanize himself and his whole nation, but they never understand the means to that end. They always, almost comically, get it wrong. Watch their maneuverings with the EU. It will almost set you to laughing.

As for their getting into the EU, I prefer Pope Benedict XVI's comments on the issue, when he stated back in November, I believe, that the Turks were not and could never be European and should seek allegiances with people in their own region. The Pope really doesn't hold back. Keep watching his comments. He is a great leader in this fight.

They have squandered what they have in Cyprus. So many Greeks fled the Turks after the genocides to Cyprus, and they went right back in 74 to attack them again. But the Turkish side is poor and pitiful, while the Greek side thrives. I know people who have been there and have sat on hills looking over the "line" into the Turkish territory and say that it's pathetic. But they also remark on the cemetaries and how many graves are from 1974, and how many graves of elderly people are from 1975, dead from the depravations of war.

Saturday, April 08, 2006 1:39:00 pm  
Anonymous Mustafa Kamel said...

DoctorBoogaloo said...
But what can you expect of a religion whose founder was a child rapist?


From http://www.al-islam.org/laws/marriage1.html

2414. * If a baligh person commits sodomy with a boy , the mother, sister and daughter of the boy become haraam for him. And the same law applies when the person on whom sodomy is committed is an adult male, or when the person committing sodomy is na-baligh. But if one suspects or doubts whether penetration occurred or not, then the said woman would not become haraam.

2415. * If a person marries the mother or sister of a boy, and commits sodomy with the boy after the marriage, as a precaution, they will become haraam for him.

From http://www.al-islam.org/laws/marriage2.html

2490. * A man cannot marry without the permission of his wife, those women who became her nieces (sister's daughter or brother's daughter) owing to the suckling of milk. Also, if a person commits sodomy with a boy, he cannot marry his milk daughter, sister, mother and paternal grandmother by means of sucking milk. This rule applies also in the situation where an active partner in sodomy is not baligh, or when the passive partner is baligh.

'Baligh' means sexually mature.

You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.

Saturday, April 08, 2006 7:09:00 pm  
Blogger Serf said...

Lest we forget, the Turkish army invaded Cyprus in 1974 and imposed an Islamic state on an ancient Christian land by force.

North Cyprus is by no stretch of the imagination an Islamic state, neither is Turkey. (How many bikini clad lovelies are their on the beaches of Saudi Arabia & Iran? Those are Islamic countries.)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 1:00:00 pm  

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