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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Yale Student Newspaper Defends Taliban Student

This is some pretty fancypants nuancin':

The threat to Yale and the United States comes not from the alleged horror of harboring a young man from Afghanistan, a man who has complied with all security measures, but from those who would colonize and monopolize the University so that it might become a blind breeding ground for their own prejudices. And this threat is anything but abstract, as the current debate regarding Hashemi has shown; rather, it has real and tangible consequences.

Such a threat can only be countered by an honest and sound search for answers accompanied by an unwavering commitment to the respect necessary to protect the space through which such search is possible. So whatever we think of Hashemi, we must understand that trying to strong-arm the University into excluding him damages Yale, the country and the world and takes us one step closer into the Taliban-like suppression of views that challenge the party line.

This is the last irony — that people like Fund who rage for this result with words, as much as some alumni rage with threats to withhold contributions, will only end up reproducing the asphyxia of dialogue over which the Taliban reigned.

Logic that just leaps off the page, huh?
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Blogger George Mason said...

It just makes you warm and fuzzy to see what our universities are producing. The crap still runs downhill into the "humanities," sort of sparing the hard sciences, but not the soft psychobabble-ists. Get that: "Humanities." These twerps are so anti-human that no human will ever be able to survive them if they get to the reins of power. So, we have another important job to do...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006 2:07:00 am  
Blogger Pastorius said...

That seems to be Dag's point. Our biggest enemy is at home. We'd have no trouble beating the Islamofascists, if we had the support of our Left. Instead, the Left is trying to tear down Western Civilization.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006 4:19:00 am  

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