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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Has called for a boycott of Norway and Denmark

The Muslim brotherhood has called for a boycott of Norway and Denmark over the recent viewing of the Mohammad cartoons.

The boycott is a result of Norwegian TV station, TV2, showing the cartoons during a documentary on Tuesday, and Danish youth politicians mocking the prophet Mohammad at a recent party conference. The muslim brotherhood is the largest opposition party in Egypt. It has branches and millions of sympathizers all over the Arab world.

- The muslim brotherhood denounces the reoccurrence of islam hostile activities in the west. We encourage all muslims to defend their religion in this holy month of ramadan, and to boycott products from Norway, Denmark and other nations that have insulted muslims and the prophet Mohammad.

- We will arrange a peaceful demonstration, not only against Norway, but against the entire west and all those who insult Islam, says Mohammad Mahdi Akkef to Nettavisen. Akkef is the general secretary of the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt.

- The majority in Norway and Denmark are atheists, but it is important that they respect all religions and that they do not support George Bush, a man who wants to cause conflicts between muslims and the west.

Major newspapers in Turkey such as Hurreiyet and Milliyet showed pictures from the Danish video on Saturday, and this has caused strong reactions in that country.

From: News from Norway
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Anonymous al-oween said...

Buy your family and friends' kids LEGO for Christmas.

Go and make a few Danish bacon sandwiches and wash them down with Carlesberg lager outside your local mosque during the daylight hours of Ramadan.

Wear bombhead motoon masks for halloween. (Muzzies DETEST halloween even more than Christmas) If you're a member of a rugby club encourage the lads to dress up in burqas for halloween and go around the town behaving riotously. Then see if the Multi-Culti PCs are too PC to do anything about it. And if they do anything about it would they use men or women PCs if they don't know the sex of the walking-tent dweller?

Sunday, October 08, 2006 11:55:00 am  
Anonymous revereridesagain said...

I am SO going to the Salem, Massachusetts, Mother of All Hallowe'en Street Parties in my Mo-Bomb T-shirt this year. For one thing, it should be enlightening to find out if anyone actually knows what it is, given the level of oblivion around here. Who knows, maybe I'll finally find a few "kindred souls".

Might follow it up just for fun with a stop in front of the halal meat market down in Lynn.

Hallowe'en is a ready-made opportunity for some highly visual consciousness-raising, folks, so forget the pirates this year and Go With Mo.

Sunday, October 08, 2006 12:52:00 pm  

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