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Friday, September 21, 2007

Al Qaeda calls for "the cleaning of the Islamic Maghreb of the sons of France and Spain" and the recovery of Al-Andalus

So three years after the shameful retreat from Iraq, Al-Zawahiri calls for

"the cleaning of the Islamic Maghreb of the sons of France and Spain". " The recovery of Al Andalus is a duty of the umma (Islamic nation) in general and for you in particular", demanded the Egyptian terrorist to the inhabitants of the Maghreb region.

as he did before.

While police detained two Pakistanis, accused of financing international Islamic terrorism nets, Zapatero says that "the menacing message from Al-Qaeda is not new". Yeah, that's true. But you assured every Spanish citizen that Al-Qaeda was interested in attacking Spain because we were in Iraq. Now we aren't. So what are we going to do now? What and who are we going to cave in this time....

Interview in Le Figaro.fr to an anonymous Frenchman living in Algeria:

Till now, the menaces were adressed mainly to the Americans. How can we explain that Al-Qaida targets now the Franch and Spanish in the Maghreb?

I don't know if there is a profound reason for this. All that we can say is that both French and Spanish people are very numerous in the region, specially in Morocco and Tunis, somewhat less in Algeria. It is true that some tourists come here for that not very recommendable sexual tourism. There are other behaviours which can be considered as ostentatious by the local population. And the people I have spoken with from Morocco have told me of a similar situation. For the fundamentalists, some practices made by the Europeans are perceived as a true provocation against Muslim lands. I think that the Islamists play that card with some categories of the population. Al Qaida is using that dimension.

See?? It's not the Islamist the ones who are the culprits. It's the Europeans who go there provoking the fundamentalists.... 

But not only Spain and France are targeted (or their citizens in the Maghreb). Pakistan and Sudan's Darfur region also are.

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