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Saturday, November 17, 2007

FIrst Law of Russian Foreign Policy Strikes Again

I have held forth on this before.
The First Law of Russian Foreign Policy:
Anything which hurts the USA and its people -
is good for Russia
in the big zero sum great game that doesn't exist.
EVEN IF that means a nuclear detonation in Israel
or the USA
since they have judged
that a full scale nuclear war will not break out.

Report: Secret high tech torpedo from Russia transferred to Iran

A U.S. government report revealed last week that Russia provided Iran with secret high-technology related to a high-speed, rocket powered torpedo that Iran recently demonstrated.

The Shkval rocket powered torpedo was developed by Russian weapons researchers at facilities in Kyrgyzstan, or Kazakhstan and the technology was transferred with the knowledge of Moscow and those governments, said the unclassified report by the U.S. Open Source Center, an intelligence unit that analyzes foreign news media.

Shkval high-speed torpedo
The government-owned facilities connected to the Shkval development program had continuing contacts with Iran, and likely cooperated with illicit arms dealers to transfer the weapon or its documentation, the report said.

The report stated that published reports revealed that an international consulting firm called FarWest provided Iran with Shkval documents.

Iran’s navy in April 2006 conducted a test of a high-speed torpedo capable of moving underwater at speeds up to 100 meters per second.

The torpedo was assessed to be an Iranian version of the Shkval-E. Video of the test was widely reported in the West and the Pentagon discounted the development as Iranian propaganda.


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