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Friday, November 09, 2007

Kosovo Emerging as Bastion of Radical Islam

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Blogger medaura said...

This is very disappointing, and what's upsetting me the most is that if I wasn't born and raised in Albania myself, and had actually hosted war refugees in my family for entire months during the 1999 war, this would all sound very plausible to me. So I can understand if readers would immediately sympathize with this man's plight and fit this information as just another piece of the puzzle in their understanding of global jihad.

However, the World is almost always more complicated than we think, and the best preventive regimen for intellectual sanity is skepticism.

A lot of shady entities including many European crypto-Nazi movements, have joined the Anti-Jihadi bandwagon to benefit their own perverted causes, as we all had a chance to observe through the Vlaams Belang controversy.

This is sadly just another example of just that. The Serbs are airbrushing the relevant facts, and praying on most Western Europeans and North Americans' relative ignorance of contrived Balkan dynamics, to try to spin an ethnic problem into a staged religious conflict.

I urge you to not be taken in. We are exposing Islamo-fascism in this blog, but let's not forget the classic more established form of fascism: ethnic chauvinism.

The conflict between the Albanian Kosovars and the Serbs, does not revolve around religious difference, but rather a struggle for survivor.

The Serbs have tried to ethnically cleanse not only Kosovo, but also Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia! The last two are very Christian countries, so what was all this about? Albanians' fault is not being predominately Muslim, but rather not being Serbian. And that's why the Serbs had a beef with Croatians, Slovenians, Bosnians, and Macedonians.

The bulk of Kosovo's Albanian population are not even observant Muslims. They have played up their Muslim identity mostly as a reaction to the assimilationist and chauvinistic advances of the Serbs, who had historically been in a position of power in the region.

For those of you who do not know, and I am assume that's almost all of you, since Albania is such an obscure country today: the people of Albania were among the first Christians in the WORLD! Illyria (ancient Albania) was one of the first places Paul preached, and Christianity was adopted without any friction, well before it became the official faith of the Roman Empire.

Albania was Muslimified very late, and not through submission to the Ottomans (Albanians continuously gave the Ottoman Empire the greatest trouble in the Balkans), but as a way to protect themselves from the chauvinistic advances of the Greek Orthodox Serbs and Greeks, the two bordering countries with extremely aggressive tendencies and territorial ambitions toward Albania. Ethnicity and religion were largely interchangeable in the eyes of the Great Powers, so it was in Albania's interest as a smaller nation, to stand out from its neighbors that were trying to convince the world that Albania was just Serbian/Greek land.

This motivation of clinging to Islam as an act of defiance, has withstood the test of time for Kosovars.

One of the Kosovar refugees we hosted would go around telling people he was 500 years old, because the Serbs had put him in forced labor camps, to build orthodox churches in Kosovo, which they would in turn tout as symbols of their multi-centennial Christian heritage there, claiming they were at least 500 years old.

How sickening is that! They practically enslaved Albanians and forced them to build these ugly propaganda edifices.

Serbs have tried to ethnically cleanse Kosovo for centuries, but that has been Albanian land since before the founding of Rome.

I myself think nationalism is very backward and taken to the extreme, can only lead to fascist chauvinism. So I am not cheering for the Albanians here. I don't care under what jurisdiction Kosovo eventually falls as long as everyone's individual rights are respected, and laissez-faire free enterprise is adopted. But since we are far from that situation, among the existing alternatives, jurisdiction under Serbia would mean collective suicide for Albanians in the region.

Serbs have proven themselves unable of governing their country as anything but fascist animals. The teenage boy we sheltered would wake up most nights screaming about the Serbs para-militias slitting his sister's throat.

Serbia is a fascist nation, and by that I mean that Serbs' primary notion of collective identity is regional supremacism: being able to dictate submission and humiliation to their neighbors in between waves of deliberate ethnic-cleansing. Serbs are also over-represented in white-power forums.

This "representative of the Serbian community" claiming that the Serbian government had done and offered everything the "Muslim" community of Kosovo could dream of, and Muslim minorities have historically enjoyed great lives in predominately Christian western countries, is absolute deceptive bogus.

First of all, Serbia is not a Western Country. It is a Pan-Slavic supremacist backwater, never even tangentially exposed to European Enlightenment. This man just wants to second-handedly associate his fascist nation with the West, and for someone who knows Serbia's history inside out, this pathetic attempt is just laughable.

Second of all, the Albanians are not a minority in Kosovo: they make up 95% of the population.

Third of all, this is not even a religiously-colored conflict, so his hints at the grim fate of Christian minorities in Muslim countries are pure propaganda.

Fourth, I actually am of the opinion that the Serb minority needs to pack its bags and move to Serbia proper: The Serb minority was very complicit with the militia during the ethnic cleaning of the 90s, and I am talking about unspeakable brutalities, like forcing mothers to choose between having both her children killed, or to pick which one of them the militia was going to bake and season, and have her EAT, in order to save the other one. This is stuff only Al Qaeda in Iraq can compete with, in terms of sheer subhuman cruelty.

The Czech had a German population of 2 million, which they rightfully kicked out after WW2.

The US didn't let the British loyalists traitors who had taken refuge in Canada during the American Revolution return after peace was made with England.

Israel is not allowing the Palestinian Arabs to return since they abandoned the country to be razed to the ground by the Arab armies in the 40s.

Why should the Kosovar Albanians live with those who caused them so much pain and irrecoverable losses of life, wealth, liberty, and honor??

Note: There ARE problems with the Kosovar leadership, but they are opportunist thugs, qualitatively closer to the Russian mob-state, and not insane jihadis. They did take Saudi money, and there have been attempts by Muslim extremists to destabilize the region. But that money was largely taken with many thanks, then pissed on personal gain and bogus projects. Albanians are supposedly a Muslim-majority country, but there are more Muslim extremists in the UK than over there. Cronyism is Albania's problem, not Muslim Fundamentalism.

Friday, November 09, 2007 6:37:00 pm  

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