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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Muslim Moroccan Intifada continues in Madrid

Sorry for not writing before about this, even if it's one of the most importand Jihadi news we have had later here. Some days ago, there was a charge of the Muslims living at suburb in Madrid against the police. Why? Because they have been building houses together with other non-Muslim people in a place they cannot, as it is of public domain. A Judge resolved they should be outed from there and thehouses destroyed. Well, they were waiting for the two and a half local policemen who were sent there and one of them got his face broken (he had surgery to rebuild it) by a follower of the religion of peace of Moroccan origins, who threw a very heavy object to his face. A minor was accused of throwing it although he was discharged later.

Now the police is investigating if the Imam of one of the Mosques there is teaching the boys how to make "cocktail molotovs".

Who spoke about integration here? If he really did this (and I am sure there is something of the kind going on there), this man should be accused on terrorism charges immediately.

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