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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Storm Track Disinformation: Muslim Forum Hits Back at Anti-Dhimmi Brit Channel

Britain’s Channel 4 is at it again and stirring up trouble according to Muslim leaders in Britain. A controversial drama is being aired on Channel 4 that depicts a young Muslim driven to become Britain's first female suicide bomber.

And the British Muslim Forum doesn’t like it.

A controversial Channel 4 drama, which depicts a second-generation British Muslim woman as a suicide bomber, was condemned last night by the British Muslim Forum.

Khurshid Ahmed, the chairman of the forum, called on Channel 4 not to air the film, Britz, which is due to be shown in two parts on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Britz tells the story of a brother and sister, Sohail and Nasima, as they are 'pulled in different directions by their conflicting personal experiences in post-9/11 Britain'.

Khurshid Ahmed said last night: 'Channel 4 should be working with us to defeat terrorism and extremism, not sowing hate and division in our communities, and reinforcing negative stereotypes.'

Ah yes! Let’s talk about negative stereotypes. Where oh where must these stereotypes come from. Not from the Muslim community of course – or do they?

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

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