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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Will no one rid us of THESE kinds of meddlesome priests

It's not enough that Abdullah and the Zarquoids attack, or that Obamanoids and enemies of real freedoms like Chuck Schumer sneer contemptuously while comparing freedom of speech to pornography, now PRIESTS! Notably SANDINISTA, priests. Hmmm leftists and Islamozoids in cooperation, such a shock.

The International Blasphemy Law: UN General Assembly President and Nicaraguan Priest D'Escoto Calls for World Ban on "Defaming Religion"

Recently, there has been a steady and worrisome trend of stories in Western countries restricting free speech in the name of tolerance of religion, sexual orientation and other values. Now, United Nations General Assembly President Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann has called for a world ban on anyone defaming any religion. A suspended Nicaraguan priest, D'Escoto is little concerned about the devastating blow to free speech and free press in such a rule -- dangers already realized in various countries where speaking against a religion has resulted in criminal penalties and even death. In making this outrageous call, D'Escoto has given critics of international legal systems a great boost -- showing the dangers of such rules in restricting cherished constitutional rights.

D'Escoto once worked for those freedom loving folks The Sandinistas and was suspended by the Catholic Church. He caused a ruckus in literally embracing that voice of tolerance: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Perfect guy to forge a new world order with less disturbing speech and more state-enforced consensus.

In his frightening remarks, D'Escoto sought what would be an international blasphemy law. He told the members, "Yes, I believe that defamation of religion should be banned." Showing little concern or knowledge of free speech principles, D'Escoto simply reached for soundbites that likely pleased representatives from Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other blasphemy-punishing nations, click here and here and here and here.

He noted: "People talk about bailing out the Wall Street when, in fact, humanity needs to be bailed out." When reporters points out that he would gut free speech principles, D'Escoto responded "What we are only trying to do is to forge a front against ignorance, hunger and disease."

This was a response to a Saudi Arabian proposal, which D'Escoto endorsed in principle. For the press conference record, click here.
From Jonathan Turley's very interesting blog. ...

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