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it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it,
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Keep Up The Pressure

BACK IN January, we published a few articles about Geert Wilders. The following is a special update from SITAmnesty:

The international SITA action in support of Geert Wilders began on January 21st, 2009 and to date (March 20th, 2009) is a success. 3500 visits have been registered to the site http://sitamnesty.wordpress.com/ for the 4 proposed actions. That totals hundreds of letters (as reported by the Dutch newspaper,
De Telegraaf) which have arrived at the Court in Amsterdam, at the offices of lawyer Spong and at the Dutch Justice Ministry. These letters resulted in the visit of the Ministry for Justice to the SITAmnesty — proof that they are disturbed by our SITA mailings.

A drop of water which falls regularly on the same spot manages to penetrate the hardest rock.

Our SITA mailings must continue to sow doubt and uncertainty among the dhimmis of Amsterdam. Now it is necessary to break down their morale by maintaining a regular flow of letters; not necessarily in great quantities but on a regular basis because they must not be allowed to believe that mailings will decrease and eventually stop and that people will end up forgetting
Geert Wilders. Let them be surprised that the flow continues!

So we invite all those who took an active part in this action to reactivate it. Bear in mind that there are always new readers who do not know about SITAactions and some who don't even know about Geert Wilders’ predicament.

What Should We Do Now?

1. As soon as you come across an article about
Geert Wilders, choose from this page: http://planete-sita.bravehost.com/soutienwilders.html the message you want to use and copy and paste it in the comments section of the article you came across (about Geert Wilders). Let's get this information more widely available.

2. Send letters, SITAmnesty-style, directly to key people in the Netherlands. Get names and addresses and read more about exactly what to do here.

3. For the owners of sites or blogs who have already relayed our action they can act according to their own wishes. Either they can republish their first article, or rewrite a new one, or simply choose from this page: http://planete-sita.bravehost.com/soutienwilders.html the message urging action on their web sites.

Reminder: The two actions in support to Geert Wilders are available at these pages:
http://tinyurl.com/CBBMQ6 or http://tinyurl.com/CooXBH

Read more about Geert Wilders' predicament

Watch an interview with Geert Wilders.

Find out how to take SITAmnesty actions.

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