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Friday, November 04, 2011

Andrew Belonsky follows Time in implying Charlie Hebdo is to blame for the arson attack

Looks like Time wasn't the only disgraceful publication that blamed Charlie Hebdo's editors for the arson attack that followed their publication of a Mohammed satire. Even moonbat Andrew Belonsky's done something similar:
Of course all of these men are right: freedom of expression remains a cornerstone of any free society, and the violent backlash is definitely beyond the pale. That does not mean Charbonnier’s beyond reproach.

Westboro Baptist “Church” — the U.S. group best known for picketing soldiers’ funerals and hating on gays people — has every right to brandish their signs, however hateful. But that does not mean it’s right, just as American “pastor” Terry Jones was wrong when he burned the Quran last year, an incident that led to 20 deaths.
So in other words, not only is EIC Charbonnier guilty of "insulting Islam", but it's Jones' fault that 20 deaths occurred in the wake of his own Koran burning! The only thing Jones is guilty of in this regard is burning instead of providing an analysis of the content. Beyond that however, if he bought the copy he burned with his own money, then it's his property to destroy if that's what he wants.

And no matter how subtle Belonsky tries to be, it's clear he's falling back on the classic blame-the-victim tactic by avoiding the point that the anarchists have to know better and why it's wrong to commit or condone violence reactions.

And of course, Belonsky won't even condemn any of the Islamofascists who've burned copies of the Judeo-Christian bibles, preferring to just waste valuble time attacking conservatives and critics of Islam. Nor did he publish the "offending" cover to the Hebdo issue with Mohammed on it, signaling he doesn't want to "offend" Islam.
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