Friday, February 22, 2013

Barack and Michelle in Their Living Room, Circa 1996

Will from THE OTHER NEWS sent this to me.

It came with the following caption:
The Obamas from a 1996 New Yorker magazine article..On the table next to him is a voodoo-Santeria demon idol..Right above his head is a lithograph of the devil. To the left is some Indonesian false deitys...Above Michelle is some Masonic symbolism...
I know nothing of these artifacts. Does anyone else know anything?

I am blowing it up to unusual proportions so you can see it better.


The "interview" itself is worth reading. The New Yorker claims,
"On May 26, 1996, Mariana Cook visited Barack and Michelle Obama in Hyde Park as part of a photography project on couples in America. What follows is excerpted from her interviews with them."
You see, Barack and Michelle were just another couple in America. The New Yorker just happened to find them, somehow, some way.

To conclude, since I know nothing of the "lithographs" in the background of this photograph, I do not know if the one in the middle depicts Satan. I also have no idea if the icon on the table is a voodoo demon idol. The lithograph on the left does look Indonesian. The one of the right could be anything. I seriously doubt it is "Masonic."

Maybe it's from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.


People and their equation of Satanism and the Masons. Ridiculous.


Always On Watch said...

Maybe a fertility idol?

Malia was born in 1998, Sasha in 2001.

Always On Watch said...

I asked an artist friend of mine about this and got the following information (nothing about the figurine on the table):

the pic over their heads on the couch-Rubbing of Sita and Hanuman from carved stone wall at Angkor Wat

This charcoal rubbing was taken in 1983 from a carved stone relief at the Cambodian temple known as Angkor Wat. It is from one of Angkor Wat’s many sequential stone wall carvings that depict key scenes from the Ramayana epic.

This image depicts a scene where the monkey god Hanuman finds Rama’s wife Sita, who has been captured and hidden by the demon Ravana. Sita gives Hanuman her royal ring as a sign to Rama that she is still alive.

At this point in the Ramayana story, Rama has been tricked by the demon Ravana into thinking he has killed Sita. Ravana created this illusion so that Rama and his armies will not come to the demon’s island and look for her.

In this low relief portrayal, Sita wears the headdresses and royal garments of ancient Khmer royalty. One of the ways that the Ramayana epic from India was made a Southeast Asian story was to portray the characters using familiar local gestures and wearing local costumes. In Cambodian and Thai arts, the monkey god Hanuman’s role is expanded in importance because the character is so well loved for his athleticism, bravery, and faithfulness as a friend to Rama.

The one to the far right, as you look at the picture , seems to be a compilation of 2 rubbings, the seated on a Thai musician, and the other,{standing}, a clasical dancer of the culture- about $20 bucks a rubbing on the open market...

12" x 24" Thai Temple Rubbing - Black Musician Playing the Traditional Ranet Ek (Thai Xylophone) and Thai Temple Rubbing - Black Classical Thai Dancer

Temple Rubbings from Angor Wat & I'm almost certain they carry significance for the couple underneath them.

Always On Watch said...

Do either of the Obamas have a past connection with Thailand?

Always On Watch said...

Um, Cambodia, I mean.

I just got this information from my artist friend:

King What's-His-Name II thought he WAS God. The nut in the nutshell. "Grrrreat religious Reformer"

Vishnu, who this guy thought he was has control of THE WEST side of the Universe,...{food for thought}.
Angkor in Khmer means Holy City.

-To peer into the cloudy, mystical meanings of the place- here is a New Ager's definition:

"Angkor Wat has become for me the clarion call to wake up to this time and make another personal pilgrimage to those sacred environs where homage to this ****cycle of transformation**** takes place. Now when I enter the ***Western entrance*** to Angkor Wat I will know more about the significance of this ancient temple"-{emphasis, mine}


"The ancient Khmer civilization is coming to life and no longer are the stones dead without meaning but vibrant with symbolic understanding of how the ***God-Kings*** honored their Gods and ancestors.

{notice: "GOD-KINGS". I feel as though further digging would only bring up more facts to prove the point that This Guy feels HE is a GOD-KING. } However, dig we must, so ONWARD!

Pastorius said...

So, it's not of Satan?

And the other one is not Masonic?


I'm so tired of these idiots.

The truth is more interesting anyway.

Anonymous said...

Clearer image of Rubbing of Sita and Hanuman from carved stone wall at UNESCO World Heritage Site, Angkor Wat

Pastorius said...

Thanks for the clearer image, Anonymous.

Seriously, who could have looked at that and judged it was Satan?


Unknown said...

Thank you for the info AOW, as Pasto said "The truth is more interesting".
It reminds me of these people who collect Napoleon or Cesar figurines.

Pastorius said...

The reason I posted this is I thought it might actually be true that the middle drawing could be of "Satan", or rather, perhaps, Lucifer. I thought that we might here have evidence that Obama also relates to Lucifer just as his friend Bill Ayers does.

Now, to be clear, I do not believe Ayers is a Satan-worshipper. I believe he thinks of Lucifer as a kind of literary figure.

That is my guess, based upon having known many academics during my life.

The interesting thing about people who choose Satan-replacement figures to follow in their lives, figures such as Lucifer or Allah, is they end up doing, or hoping to do, the same kind of evil one would think they would do if happened to be outright Satan-worshippers.

Bill Ayers and his friends spoke of having to eliminate (murder) whole swaths of the American population in the wake of the revolution they intended to foment.

Unknown said...

Yes Pasto i know this Ayers 'story', they were certainly not considering the logistic nightmare of feeding and clothing 20 million Americans.

Have read lately a lot of 'news' about Fema camps and 'open positions' for Guards......and Fema ordering a WHOLE lot of prepared meals.I wonder who's going to eat all this stuff?You think it contains 'horse meat' as well? :)

Epaminondas said...

I have been to Indonesia many times for southeast asian trade shows in Djakarta and Denpasar, Bali.

In Bali, a HINDU Island in a muslim nation I have seen MANY hangings such as the one behind the OBAMAS.

But that is not what caught my eye.
It's the look about the mouth and eyes of Mrs. 'I've never been proud of this nation'.

TO me that look says .."I didn't sign up for this kind of shit, now release the Jerry Ryan divorce papers we've been sitting on, and FUCK HER KIDS."