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It Is Not A Good Idea
To Act As If You Can Not Accomplish
What You Were Elected To Do


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Barron Trump: A Male Child in the White House and a return to the concept of manhood

From The Last English Prince:
We have not discussed it. And it is a phenomenal thought. America has not enjoyed the experience of a man child growing up in the White House for greater than a century. 
I do not include John F. Kennedy, Jr. in my thoughts because he was merely a toddler when his father was assassinated. 
We have to look back at the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt, a man who took the White House and the world by storm when setting up house with his wife, two daughters, and four rambunctious boys. 
I contend that this boy in the White House, Barron Trump, will facilitate a needed cultural shift back to an appreciation of manhood…. real manhood. 
For years we have endured the girls in the White House. We have endured fashionable images, girl’s parties, girls off to college, and the occasional wedding. The whole thing has become predictably boring. 
What we have not experienced is a little boy playing a sport, chasing a dog across the White House lawn, or cutting lose with a healthy string of adolescent cuss words. What we have not enjoyed is a ten year old boy shaking the hand of Vladimir Putin and announcing “pull my finger” as he lets loose a healthy dose of gas. Fart jokes in the White House! I can hardly wait! 
Our popular media culture has caused a societal drift toward the emasculation of manhood. If I see one more commercial where an emasculated male screams like a little girl, I am going to choke like Mitt Romney. If I must endure one more ad where a father dresses up in a fairy costume to attend his daughter’s birthday party with “What a man…” playing in the background I am going to flee the state. 
Man conflicted about female bonding toward the male sex 
The nicest thing my father ever did for me was to buy me a beautiful dress. But he did not wear it. 
Get ready for the First Son in the White House. And hold onto your hats for the Trump boys within the halls of our seat of power. Eric and Donald, Jr. are confident men. Marlboro men in nice suits. Killer instincts but with a gentleman’s heart. 
Barron Trump? I can only hope that in a couple of years we awaken to the earth shattering news that Barron has been caught with a copy of “Playboy” under his mattress and that he has short-sheeted the bedding in the Lincoln bedroom prior to the occupancy of a head of state. Long live manhood! 
A Trump presidency will bring a restoration of honor to the concept of what it means to be a real man.
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