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It Is Not A Good Idea
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Monday, July 04, 2016

The FBI Grilling Hill vs alt-right/Trump

The needless loss of focus yesterday created by Trump or someone giving Trump a jpg from EITHER alt-right, or artist/satirist fishbonehead who may have been pranking the alt-right KKK neonazi freaks needs some further elucidation

HOT-AIR (not a center of Trump support to say the least) has this.

They refer to MIC a techy investigative sight which has this.

More on WHO alt-right is here

Sheriff badge claims can be looked at here.

In the end we are left with several disgusting reasonable choices.
  1. Trump or his campaign has someone following white supremacists (for what?) or the satirist @fishbonehead  (really? REALLY?)
  2. Trump or his campaign thoughtlessly and carelessly copied a tweet containing this image, or the image directly SOMEWHERE
As Yair Rosenberg points out in Tablet:
The problem, in this instance, was not that Trump was trying to express bigotry, but that he did not even recognize that what he was saying could be construed as such. This combination of actual animus and obliviousness is what makes Trump’s rhetoric–and its wall-to-wall coverage by a ratings-hungry news media–so dangerous.
It has now proven how dangerous it is.

Not the racism known as antisemitism, but the near lethal item known as IGNORANCE  spiced with self centered arrogance.

The real problem for the nation is that the other choice is WORSE, still.

And all this has removed the focus from a record so horrible we are all simply saying ‘oh yeah, today she was questioned by the FBI for Espionage Act violations (that’s where the ‘failure to protect’ regs are)  while running for president, after her husband the ex-President tried to do a Corleone on the Atty Genl of the USA‘

Nixon is having a good laugh somewhere.

He is shaking his head over the lessons he provided to Lois Lerner, Koskinen and the Clintons.
But WE are the losers.

Hillary is worse, but they are both UNPALATABLE.

For this group, we may have arrived at the VLAAMS BELANG moment with Trump.

Whether that is true or not is completely up to him
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