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Monday, October 10, 2016

Culturist John's "Review" Of Last Night's Debate

"You Kids, Get Off My Lawn!"
Nice to get out of the garbage and get to issues in this debate. Go Hillary! 
Internationally, I like her plan of continuing to arm the valiant Syrian rebels and fighting the Russians while bringing in more refugees. She also defended her Benghazi response and her successes in Libya, her Iran deal and her approach in the Middle East generally. 
Domestically, she defended the Affordable Care Act, higher taxes and her team's record of bringing wealth and safety to the inner-city and NAFTA. 
Four more years! 
And Hillary did this while successfully dodging Trump's cheap shots of her deleting 30,000 subpoenaed emails, colluding with the AG, rigging the primaries, defending a child rapist and laughing about it, as well as the Russian-backed leaks of her telling Wall Street audiences that she is two-faced, but really for open borders and them regulating themselves. 
She stayed clean and I liked it. 
On that note, particularly inspiring, - summing up the debate, - she refused to play deplorable dirty gotcha games because, as she said, 'They go low, we go high!' 
Well done! I'm Very With Her!
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