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Monday, October 10, 2016

“How dumb does Washington think we all are?“

“How dumb does Washington think we all are?“ 

How dumb do Washington bureaucrats think you are? Really amazingly dumb. Now we have hard data to prove it.

Instead of polling Americans about Washington again, a pair of academics at Johns Hopkins tried something new — polling Washington about Americans. What they found was a combination of ignorance, contempt and disdain.

Trump, meanwhile, embodies a sense that not just DC elites but elites in general — cultural, media and academic figures included — are contemptuous of ordinary working Americans.

Enforcing existing immigration law strikes DC elites as unnecessary or even undesirable (since economically insulated people employ, rather than compete with, illegal immigrants). But even if such a policy were necessary, it would still be impractical and/or racist, according to the elites.

Trump voters are disgusted by the suggestion that looking out after their own economic and cultural self-interests is horrible and racist when ordinary Americans do it, yet wonderful and open-minded when elites do it.

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