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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

In case you think you have a clue about what’s going on in Syria…

We have no idea what we are doing.
These White Hats were the subject of an international documentary and portrayed as heroes.
We have no idea if the so called ‘Syrian rebels’ want an Iraq, an Iran, a Saudi Arabia, a Jeffersonian paradise, or if they are Al Nusra, Al Qaeda, ISIS, the American Enterprise Institute, or the Center for American Progress.
If Israel wants no part of this, RIGHT ON THEIR BORDER, what are we doing?
How can we advocate any humanitarian action if we are both loath to get our own people involved and have no idea who is who over there to support?
After our HISTORY of supporting Massoud against the USSR (a good call) throughout the 1980’s and being compelled by Pakistan to give 50% of our aid to THEM to do with as the ISI decided (an HORRENDOUS CALL) in order to allow aid to get from the sea to Massoud, our HISTORY in supporting morons in Afghanistan because there were only worse morons, our efforts to create a secular democracy in Iraq only to see a religious dispute 1500 years old decide rule and day to day life, anyone who tells me we should do this or that with regard to sides in Syria had better be able to prove his or her case beyond a doubt.
Short of a safe area, agreed upon by other parties as well, we have no role we can play SUCCESSFULLY except to be taken advantage of in the taking of more lives.
The only issue we CAN prosecute is KILLING ISIS. I am not prepared to say we should back some salafi freaks who look less murderously upon us for a few years, then the Alawites and Russians whom they regard as apostates and godless, or Assad who is a prime thug destined for hell.
If we do anything we should be working in concert with NATO or other democracies to establish a safe area and ensure the Russians understand it behooves the world to NOT FLY IN THAT AREA lest we end up compelled to declare a no fly zone. That’s when this becomes an entirely other kind of thing.
Doing this, and getting supplies to what would be a landlocked area across international borders is a totally daunting task itself, and might well be impossible.
Either way, we have no idea what we are doing, reporting and forming opinions based on.
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Blogger Pastorius said...

Today I heard McCain on the radio discussing his reticence to approve Tillerson, given that, according to McCain, he is cozy with Putin. McCain said, however, Tillerson might be a way to get cooperation to "fight ISIS".

What the hell?

Fight ISIS?

ISIS is the rebels?

if ISIS isn't the rebels then it is not a two-front war between Assad's forces and rebels, but it three, four, or more.

Our leaders are lying to us.

I'm not saying we should support Assad.

Instead, I am saying we should just seal up our borders and get the fuck out of the ME.

Let them murder each other.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016 4:23:00 pm  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Meanwhile, we should work to create absolute dominance in the energy sector.


Wednesday, December 14, 2016 4:24:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bottom line: We owe this nightmare to our Islamophilic (or worse) president, and his ungodly desire to legitimize the Muslim Brotherhood. He showed his paw since the time of the Green Revolution in Iran. He sent the CIA to Egypt to destabilize Mubarak, and God knows where else in the Middle East and Africa. Libya was a mistake, as was Syria. We should have stayed out of it and let the nuts take care of each other. Instead, Obama got his wish, and we, or rather my children and grandchildren, will be paying his treason for decades to come, if not centuries, provided there is that much time left.

A friend of mine, whom I call "the elevated" told me in 2008 that Obama was a done deal because he was coming with a mission "from above." Have no idea what the truth is, but you have to be blind not to look at the 500 unfulfilled prophesies in the Bible, look around, and take a good at my friend's prediction. And if you add Bergoglio to the mix ... I don't know what to tell you. These two guys together look like an awful sinister combination for the human race, at least as we know it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016 5:15:00 pm  

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