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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Something by an artist that explains why what she says can't be taken at face value

Here's some tweets by a comic book artist who's just confirmed what I sadly suspected for a while, but only now did she really let know where she stands and what she buys into:

I've thought and thought about this, and, well...that does it. I've concluded I can't ignore what Doran's doing here. She won't identify who this "mansplainer" is, but whatever his own personality is like, I don't think somebody who turns a blind eye to sexual abuse by Islamofascists is making a convincing argument here. Especially after Hillary, the same former lawyer who defended a child rapist in 1975, lost the election this year. So what kind of a "joke" is this supposed to be anyway? Doran also said:

Oh, I'll admit, her artwork is pretty good. But her politics, as evidenced by the crud above, are bottom of the barrel. So I guess she's turning her back on that horrifying case that occurred in Twin Falls, Idaho, as well? What a disgrace.

Then why doesn't she just identify the alleged jerk? Why do I get the feeling there's a lot more she's not letting in on? And why does it not surprise me in hindsight that somebody who reportedly associated herself with cartoonist Dave Sim for many years could be this biased? He was spewing some pretty disgusting garbage at the time he first published Cerebus, and she didn't seem to have much of a problem with that, so I guess it should be no shock she could have these kind of positions now.

Is Doran a talented artist? Sure. But she makes a truly awful political commentator, and this approach she took is just why there's various stuff she's talked about that I can't take at face value (or have to take with a grain of salt), and her political ignorance only makes this all a lot more dispiriting.
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