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Governments are instituted among Men,
deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,
That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends,
it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it,
and to institute new Government

Monday, January 02, 2017

The Parties are Dead – Long Live the New Political Parties

It’s customary in the start of a new year for prognosticators to give their predictions of the year – or even years – to follow.

So here’s mine.

Both political parties – the donkeys and elephants – are DEAD. The Democrats are dead but their leadership refuses to acknowledge it. Their canned response is always, “Americans wants what we are offering – i.e., the message – it’s just that we have our ‘messaging’ wrong.”

AKA – the definition of insanity – when proven wrong redouble your efforts.

The only ‘Americans’ that want what they are shoveling is the little strips of blue ‘paradise’ on each coast and a hand full of Leftist controlled urban areas scattered around the country. The donkey crowd will have to change their message if they are to remain a viable national party.

The Republican Party is no better. If Trump succeeds in what he has promised, the RINO will become an endangered species. Trump is no Republican. He ran as an Independent candidate within the Republican Party. He did what every critic of third-party candidates has tried to do over the last several decades with only Ross Perot making a go at it. (The Green Party, the Looserterian Party, etc, etc.)

Trump, if he is successful, will absolutely change the face of the Republican Party for Trump is what Newt Gingrich has said. Trump is NOT a conservative or a Republican but an alley to both. Trump has – I hope – created a Party based on common sense – not ideology.

So what’s my prediction?

If the DNC retains their current leadership of Socialists and Marxists, the 2020 midterms will be the final nail in the Democratic Socialist Party’s coffin. Remember the DNC Presidential debate when the three candidates were on stage and the host asked,” How many of you are socialists?” and they all raised their hands.

So what’s to come for the donkeys. When the last remnants of the Democrat Socialist Party are swept out the door in 2020, a new group of real liberals – I say real liberals like Truman, Kennedy and Johnson -  will begin to take back their Party.

Watch for them. We have no idea who they are but you will begin to see them raise their heads over next two years.

They will take a page from Trump’s book and these new young Turks will create a Populist version of the what Trump has done to the Republican Party to re-claim the mantel of what liberals claim to be for - the working man – the unknown man.

When that happens, it will raise a very interesting prospect for 2024. A Trumped Republican Party of common sense competing with a Democratic Liberal Party of common sense for the attention and votes the American people.

We may see again a true two-party form of government that seeks compromise and not confrontation.

It will be the reawaking of America and the start of a Second American Century.

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