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Monday, April 03, 2017

Australia: Hirsi Ali cancels visit after Islamists threaten “trouble,” call her “white supremacist”

From The Rebel:
Prominent author and critic of Islam Ayaan Hirsi Ali has pulled out of her visit to Australia due to security concerns. The organization hosting her – Think Inc – has been subject to harassment over her scheduled appearance for months. 
Think Inc told The Australian that its insurance company and the venues Hirsi Ali was scheduled to speak at had been contacted and threatened with “trouble”. Much of this was done by the Council for the Prevention of Islamophobia. 
They released a video in which a “Muslim feminist” said these security threats against Hirsi Ali were simply about holding her accountable, and the threats were an “opportunity for Hirsi Ali to rethink her position.” 
Here are women with Australian accents accusing Hirsi Ali of white supremacy. Islamists are co-opting the language of Black Lives Matter to silence a woman of Somali origin. 
They don’t address any of Hirsi Ali’s arguments, simply attack and slander her, and unlike the women in this video, those Hirsi Ali advocates for aren’t women whose rights are protected by Australian law. 
And when Councils for the Prevention of Islamophobia physically threaten venues and organizations for hosting speakers like Hirsi Ali in a country such as Australia, we should all be treating this as a wake up call.
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