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Friday, April 14, 2017

First Ever Arrest in American Case of Female Genital Mutilation

From Detroit News:
Hotel records helped show two families, each with a young girl, stayed at the hotel on Feb. 3. Surveillance video from the unnamed hotel show two adult women and two girls checking into the hotel. 
Seven days later, an FBI child forensic interviewer talked to one of the girls, who said she was brought to Detroit with a second girl for a "special girls' trip," according to the FBI. ... 
The girl told the FBI that Nagarwala "pinched" her on the "place (where) she goes pee," the government alleges. "(The girl) said that she was told not to talk about the procedure," FBI Special Agent Kevin Swanson wrote in the complaint. 
A subsequent medical examination showed that the girl's genitals did not appear normal and a section had been altered or removed, according to the court filing.... 
The second girl said she underwent a procedure and identified Nagarwala as the doctor she visited in Detroit, according to the complaint. 
"She said that she 'got a shot,' and that it hurt really badly and she screamed," the FBI agent wrote. 
"Her parents told her that the procedure is a secret and that she is not supposed to talk about it. "(The girl) said that after the procedure, she could barely walk, and that she felt pain all the way down to her ankle," the agent continued. 
A subsequent medical exam showed the girl’s genitalia had a small incision and a small tear.
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