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Monday, April 17, 2017

German-Muslim Woman Writes Book Critical of Islam, Gets Abandoned by Fellow Feminists

Zana Ramadani (born 1984) is a German politician and feminist activist. Ramadani, who is of Albanian extraction and from a Muslim background.

From Truth Revolt:
The feminist author of a German book addressing the plight of Muslim women in Europe has become the target of countless rape and death threats from German Muslims, been abandoned by her leftist friends, and denied protection by German authorities. 
According to Vijeta Uniyal at Legal Insurrection (LI), Zana Ramadani founded the German chapter of the radical feminist group Femen, but then was shunned by her fellow feminists once she began daring to criticize the oppression of women within Islam. 
Predictably, she was accused of racism and even forced out of the Femen branch she founded. 
“I have problem with certain kind of Feminists,” Ramadani said. “Those who talk about women’s solidarity, but don’t practice it in reality. They only regard White Western male as source of all evil and that he needs to be criticise without any inhibitions, but when it comes to criticising those belonging to other cultures…one automatically gets labeled as racist.” 
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