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Friday, April 14, 2017

Whether Ardian Syaf was fired, he's not the only one responsible for injecting politics into artwork

From this CBR report, it sounds like Marvel's fired Islamic artist Ardian Syaf for slipping some of the worst koranic themes into his artwork for X-Men Gold, but he shows no remorse:
In a public post published Monday evening on his personal Facebook page, Syaf wrote, in English rather than his native Indonesian, that the apparent end of his career is the “consequence” of his actions and he has accepted it. “Please no more mockery, [debate], no more hate,” Syaf wrote. “I hope all in peace.” Later in the post, Syaf cited the Quran verse and protest reference that appeared in “X-Men Gold” #1, stating that it was a message of “justice” and “love.”
In that case, he's certainly not repentant for sneaking it in to begin with.
It’s not yet known what exactly Syaf means by “My career is over.” Though Marvel promised disciplinary action for the statements hidden in “X-Men Gold” #1, it’s not clear if Syaf is taking a self-imposed exile, or simply accepting that inevitable mistrust from publishers and editors will severely limit his future career prospects. Notably, Syaf’s public Facebook fan page has apparently been deleted.
No doubt, he's just lost plenty of fans due to his revolting actions, so there's no use in keeping an extra page around. Personally, I'd want to avoid his work like the plague if that's how reprehensible he's going to be.

All that aside, while his dismissal was deserved, there's still plenty of other leftists and Islamophiles working at Marvel whom the audience should have nothing to do with. By contrast, there's a lot of conservative writers today who've been blacklisted by both Marvel and DC for their politics, yet so far, they've done little or nothing to welcome them back.

Syaf's dismissal is richly deserved, but again, there's still quite a few other people with similar politics working at Marvel/DC now whose departure is long overdue. And if they're only willing to rid themselves of one mere creator while others are given a pass, then the problems haven't been solved.

Update: Constitution notes that Marvel didn't apologize when they published a Thor story that attacked Christians.
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