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Friday, April 14, 2017

Ardian Syaf blames Jews for getting him fired from Marvel

What a shocker: the disgraced artist who littered the new X-Men Gold premiere issue and goodness knows how many other publications with his subtle Muslim-influenced bigotry has taken to scapegoating Jews in an Indonesian newspaper, no less:
...the artist has remained unapologetic over his dismissal. In an interview with Indonesian newspaper Jawa Pos, the Jakarta-based artist blamed the Jews for his predicament.

“But, Marvel is owned by Disney. When Jews are offended, there is no forgiveness,” he said in Indonesian [translated by Heat Street].

Despite his statement, the artist insists that he isn’t actually racist. He told the newspaper that he was neither anti-Semitic nor anti-Christian because if he was, he wouldn’t have worked for Marvel.
Which is laughable, because there's plenty of entitled crackpots out there who're willing to work for companies founded by Jews and other such groups so long as they make big money, and have no problem littering up their products with stealth insults as Syaf did, because of the heavy contempt they hold for the creations regardless.
Further sleuthing by Reddit users prompted the discovery of a now-deleted Facebook post by Syaf, who was photographed with Rizieq Shihab, the leader of the Islamist organization Islamic Defenders Front (known by the acronym FPI).

The group has been involved in numerous acts of violence against non-Muslims in Indonesia, and was one of the organizers of the 212 protest. In the post, Syaf says he accepted an invitation to meet with the group’s founder.
One more reason why all publishers should distance themselves from him.

Comics Beat, unsurprisingly, is serving as another apologist conveyor belt for the taqqiya experts (G. Willow Wilson, A. Dave Lewis, etc) trying to pretend the koran's verse 5:51 isn't what researchers of the koran know it to be, and says:
Indeed, I’m seeing this story begin to show up in radical rightist websites here in the us (as the Gamergate/Breitbert crew picked up on the Marvel/diversity story from last week) and in the end, more hatred and intolerance will come out of this.
I think it's pretty clear where the hatred and intolerance is actually coming from, and it's CB's MacDonald. One of the commentors on the post countered it with this:
That apologetic whitewash of what the Quran says in 5: 51 is such a lie. It is part of what Islam teaches Muslims to do, that is to lie in any way which will benefit and promote Islam. It is called taqiyya and that is just what this is. (there are many online versions of the Quran which are authorized in English, so just look them up and read the verse for yourself.)

That verse specifically says not to take Christians and Jews as friends, and there are many verses in the Quran that preach hatred against all non-muslims and even killing them. Not to mention the debasing of women, the sexual abuse of children, the killing of rape victims, those who leave Islam or criticize it, and gay people. To pretend this is not taught in Islam is a lie or is from somebody who is very naive and has never studied Islam.

I have the Quran, Hadith, Sira, and also studied it’s scholars. Islam is the most hateful, violent & intolerant of all religions and is the most hateful ideology on Earth today, I am convinced. It was invented by a psychopathic mass-murderer, pedophile, rapist of captive women who owned and sold women as sex slaves, who married and had sex with a 6 year old child, had people tortured and murdered who criticized him, robbed passing caravans and took people hostages for enslavement or ransom and so much more. And all of this is proudly told in Islamic scripture and writings. It is not something just made up by so-called right-wing sites. That is a blatant lie. There is no rational way anyone can defend what this man was or what he taught.

Much of the Quran was lost in the fighting for power after Muhammad died. The Quran is not written in chronological order. Surahs/chapters 5 & 9 are the last two written, and the later verses cancel, or abrogate, any earlier verse that may say something nicer or different. So any early verses in the Quran, when Mohammad was preaching in Mecca and having no success before he became a warlord and started forcing people to convert, all of those nicer services are wiped out by the later ones.

Surah 9:5, called the verse of the sword, is one of the ugliest of all of the some 113 verses of hate against non-muslims. And that verse is the one that tells Muslims to “kill non-believers wherever you find them”. This is what drives all of this Islamic hate, violence and terrorism around the world.

Islam’s prophet Muhammed said “I have been made victorious by terror”.(Bukhari 4:52:220) And that has been true for 1400 years and is still true today.
And also:
PS: and it is another lie that Indonesia is so tolerant and moderate. There have been more than 600 Christian churches destroyed or closed and uncountable Buddhist temples closed or destroyed in the last couple of years alone. That is not a tolerant place.
Thus, it's shameful MacDonald continues to serve as one of the biggest defenders of hypocrisy in comicdom.

Heat Street also notes that Gizmodo wouldn't condemn Syaf, and was downplaying the seriousness of his activities. No surprise considering this was a site once owned by the now defunct Gawker, one of the crummiest "news" sites on the web.
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Anonymous thelastenglishprince said...

Speaking of books on the shelf: I have one (loaned out and never returned... sigh) that said Jews were dirty because they kept garbage in their homes on the Sabbath.

Surah 9 was written for Unbelievers, not Muslims. That is why it is called "Repentance" or "Repudiation".

Perhaps we should turn the tables? Let's start calling Muslims the Unbelievers.

Archaic. The gestalt is archaic and unsupportable within modern democratic models of governance.

Friday, April 14, 2017 1:02:00 pm  

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