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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Support Denmark, don't buy Arla Foods

All of you who want to support Denmark by buying Danish goods, do not support Arla Foods (dairy products). They have been the wimpest of all the affected danish companies. They cried out loud how much money the now lose and that the Danish goverment had to do something to re-establish the connection to the arab states, so they could sell their goods again. Not any suggestion but just said that the goverment had to do something. Novo Nordisk (insulin and special kinds of medicine/vaccines) is cool about this, as are most of the others affected companies.

Arla probably also agreed not to trade with Israel. I can't imagine Novo Nordisk not to trade with Israel, but I guess maybe some of the others of the affected companies somehow had a agreement with the arab states not to trade with Israel.

Personally, I really dislike Arlas monopoly in Denmark. They are expensive, not any good products and have a great share of the market. Like Microsoft. :)

There's a informative post about Arla at The Future Uncertain. More about the Arab boycot of companies dealing with Israel at Wikipedia.
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