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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Storm Track Infiltration: Islamism on the Move from the US, Europe, and Iraq

From The Gathering Storm

The insidious, and most times arrogant, march of infiltration into the free world by the Islamists never ceases. Here are three reports that show their never ending push for the acceptance of Islamic law as the basis for all nations.

First, the USA.

In an article in FrontPage Magazine, Aaron Hanscom writes “These are dark day for American education”. He describes a battle in our school systems against the concept of assimilation which is the basis of this country’s success in integrating all cultures into American society. He says, “An alliance of politically correct educators and radical separatists is waging a divisive battle against the very idea of assimilation.”

He quotes cases.

“The Seattle Public Schools recently made headlines after bloggers and columnists noticed some interesting definitions on the district’s official Equity and Race Relations website. The website defined assimilation as “the wholesale adoption of the dominant culture at the expense of the original culture.” Translation: Assimilation is inherently oppressive, so minority students should think of themselves as victims.”

Ah, victimization! Music to the ears of every liberal and the touch stone strategy of persuading the ‘have-nots’ to vote for the liberal ticket. He goes on.

“Because whites play the role of oppressor in this politically correct storyline, a website designed to combat racism was actually saturated with it. According to the Seattle Public Schools, some aspects of society that contribute to what the district calls "cultural racism" are those that “overtly and covertly attribute value and normality to white people and Whiteness.” Thus, “defining white skin tones as nude or flesh colored” is considered a form of racism.”

And we call these jack-asses educators?

“Other examples of cultural racism appearing on the website gave the impression that the Seattle Public School is intent on dashing any chance its students have of achieving the American dream. Browsers of the website were informed that “having a future time orientation, emphasizing individualism as opposed to a more collective ideology [and] defining one form of English as standard” were all forms of racism.”

Got that? If you think like and individual you are a racist. Better to conform to the new liberal socialist world order. For Pete’s sake! My generation fought against collective lemming following and struck a blow for non-conformity. Where have we gone wrong?

Hanscom speculates on this new course Separation 101.

“How eliminating such key ingredients of America's melting-pot society would help immigrant children went unexplained. Evidently, Seattle’s educators view students who speak standard English, plan for the future and favor capitalism over collectivism as victims.”

That’s ‘right on!’ to quote a colloquial phrase of my generation. Read the rest of the article and try not to bang your hands on the keyboard reading this unbelievable tripe.

Now over to Europe. Little Green Footballs reports that the European Council for Fatwa and Research, a Muslim Brotherhood front group led by Tariq Ramadan and Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, is working on a special constitution for European Muslims—that will be “above national legislation.” Here’s an excerpt from the report.

Islamists in Europe are working on a special legislation for muslims, that will be above national legislation. The initiative comes from the Fatwa-council for Europe, who claims that a “constitution for European muslims” is on its way. The Fatwa-council has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood organization.

The same Muslim Brotherhood whose objective is to have Islam rule the world.

Finally, we move on to Iraq. As many have pointed out, we have already lost the war goals of Iraq and Afghanistan when both voted into their constitution that these countries would be an Islamic state and be ruled by Islamic law. It seems the northern part of Iraq – the Kurdish north – has been resisting Islamic law as the "principal source of legislation" in the regional constitution.

Rueters reports on the debate.

"As in the federal constitution, we want Islamic Law to be a principal source of legislation since the majority of people in Kurdistan are Muslim," said Zana Rostayi, a parliamentarian from the Sunni Kurdistan Islamic Group. Rostayi added that his party – together with the Kurdistan Islamic Union, another major Sunni party – will campaign against the draft and "won't concede to a constitution that doesn't consider Islam as a primary source of legislation….. The draft regional constitution, by contrast, stipulates – in one of only two references to Islam – that, "This constitution safeguards the Islamic identity of the people of Kurdistan and respects other religions and guarantees their freedom".

Islam marches on and the confused and impotent leaders of the free world can not find the moral backbone to stop it. What they need is a good dose of international Viagra.

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