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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Colorado's attorney general makes a fool of himself

John Suthers, attorney general for Colorado, went to Saudi Arabia recently to assure the dictatorship there that Homaidan al-Turki, the Saudi student convicted for raping and enslaving his Indonesian maid, was being treated fairly (via Dhimmi Watch). Now that was uncalled for, since what al-Turki did was a crime, and no matter what "laws" they come up with in the House of Saud, that does not make it legal there either. It is unacceptable at any place, any time, and Saudi Arabia's dictatorship should be made to understand that. Alas, Suthers did not do that. Also appalling is that the Feds back Suthers on this.

Debbie Schlussel talks about this shameful display of dhimmitude in one of her latest op-eds, and one of her correspondents follows up with some more interesting observations.
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