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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Storm Track Intimidation: Jesus Christ as "history's first ... suicide bomber".

From The Gathering Storm

A leading children's publisher has dumped a novel because of political sensitivity over Islamic issues.
Scholastic Australia pulled the plug on the Army of the Pure after booksellers and librarians said they would not stock the adventure thriller for younger readers because the "baddie" was a Muslim terrorist. A prominent literary agent has slammed the move as "gutless", while the book's author, award-winning novelist John Dale, said the decision was "disturbing because it's the book's content they are censoring". "There are no guns, no bad language, no sex, no drugs, no violence that is seen or on the page," Dale said, but because two characters are Arabic-speaking and the plot involves a mujaheddin extremist group, Scholastic's decision is based "100 per cent (on) the Muslim issue".

Now contrast that with this. Hold your cookies. Derranged mind at work.

This decision is at odds with the recent publication of Richard Flanagan's bestselling The Unknown Terrorist and Andrew McGahan's Underground in which terrorists are portrayed as victims driven to extreme acts by the failings of the West. The Unknown Terrorist is dedicated to David Hicks and describes Jesus Christ as "history's first ... suicide bomber".

Who are these people?! What are they thinking?

Maybe someone like this. Hat tip to American Israeli Patriot.

In a shocking interview with the Jerusalem Post, UN High Commissioner for Human (Arab) Rights Louise Arbour implies that Israel is more culpable than Hezbollah for civilian deaths during the Lebanon war. This despite the fact that Hezbollah intentionally targeted civilians while Israel did not. This despite the fact that Hezbollah used human shields while Israel did not. Asked by the Post if there was a distinction under human rights law between missile attacks aimed at killing civilians and military strikes in which civilians are unintentionally killed, Arbour said the two could not be equated.

"She claims that accidental deaths caused by Israel are more criminal that the intentional deaths caused by Hezbollah."

In her never ending quest to vilify Israel, Arbour knows no boundaries. She visits the relatives of dead terrorists while refusing to meet the relatives of kidnapped Israelis. She is willing to hang the victims and exonerate the criminals. Louise Arbour is truly a shining star of the UN.

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