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Monday, November 05, 2007

Hey, I Know! Let's Divide Jerusalem. Yeah, That's Fair!

Get this:

Five former State Department and Pentagon officials are proposing Israeli and Palestinian capitals in Jerusalem and excluding Arab refugees from returning to Israel as part of an Middle East accord.

What are these people on? You’d have to be using something to come up with this hare-brained scheme.

Here’s a better suggestion: let’s divide Mecca first, and then we can work on Jerusalem. Even better, let’s give part of Vatican City to the Baptists, then divide Mecca…and after the dust settles from those two partitions, the division of Jerusalem can be decided by the dozen or so remaining human beings.

In a six-page policy statement submitted to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, they also suggested a series of peace conferences following the one she hopes to convene next month, probably in Annapolis, Maryland, near Washington.

Right. Lots of meetings and “dialogue,” which is all these people know how to do. Have pin-striped suit, will travel…first class, anyway.

Heaven knows there haven’t been nearly enough peace conferences regarding Palestine. We need more. We need more the same way we need more social workers or an increase in government agencies or more sex toys for UN Peacekeepers.

Lord love a duck, I have heard of some stupid ideas in my time, but surely this is the lowest-IQ measure ever of the learning-impaired State Department. In fact, to gain employment in the State Department, among other things you have to pass an I-hate-America exam. Once you get by that, they give you an intelligence test. Those who pass are automatically weeded out.

After all, they have to leave slots for the political appointees. And we do want the Friends of Bill and the Friends of George to have a group of their peers to play with.

Split Jerusalem or split the atom...same outcome.

Hat tip: One Jerusalem
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