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‘The American Intelligence Community has finally
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Monday, November 05, 2007

The Muslim Voice: Something Is Wrong

Awhile back, I published a picture of iconic ironicness (ironicity?) of Muslims protesting the defaming of their religion and being accused of being violent by violently defaming another religion. An anonymous commenter said something so good, I had to quote it somewhere. Where better than the IBA:

Inside every Muslim today there is a voice whispering: “Our faith is so pure and true, our civilizations lasted so long and ruled so many, our God was so potent: yet here we are in the modern world, backward and poor except where accidents of nature have blessed us, our rulers corrupt, our culture mocked or ignored, our people squabbling among themselves, or fleeing the homelands to work as taxi drivers and menials in the great glittering cities of the infidels, those homelands themselves part-stolen by the wretched Jews. It’s all wrong, wrong, wrong! Grrrrr!!!”


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