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Saturday, November 10, 2007

More Iran and the Russian SU-30's, and Chinese J-10's

Time is NOT in our favor.
Every day that goes by means American action WILL be more costly
MOSCOW — Iran is in negotiations with Russia for an advanced fighter-jet.

Russian industry sources said Teheran has expressed interest in Russia's Su-30 fighter-jet. They said the two countries have been negotiating a major deal and could reach agreement in 2008.

Su-30 fighter-jets trailing a fuel-tanker.
"The Iranians need a fighter-jet that could operate in the same airspace as the U.S. F-15 and F-16," an industry source said. "They also need aircraft that could conduct offensive missions."

The sources said the Iranian Air Force, with 1970s-era fighters, has examined a range of Russian and Chinese aircraft. They cited the Chinese-origin J-10A fighter-jet, said to have been based on technology from Israel's defunct Lavi combat aircraft project in the 1980s.

"Russia is now more prepared to consolidate and promote ties with Iran," a Russian envoy said.

On Oct. 22, the Moscow-based Kommersant business daily reported that China approved the export of 24 J-10 fighters to Iran in a $1 billion deal. The newspaper said deliveries would begin in 2008 and last through 2010.

But a senior industry source said the J-10 contract with Iran has not been signed. The source said Teheran prefers more modern fighters from Russia, particularly the Sukhoi Su-30 Flanker fighter-bombers.

Iran has been negotiating for the procurement of 250 Su-30 fighters from Moscow. A senior Russian diplomat predicted a breakthrough that would result in a major weapons deal between Moscow and Teheran. The diplomat did not elaborate.

More the SU-30 HERE.

More on the sale which got a Russian investigative reporter murdered HERE

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