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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Plus c'est les memes choses, baby

How the Saudis spend their petrodollars

Here's how it works. Saudi Arabia reaps windfall revenues from the sale of crude oil, now hurtling toward $100 aclaude_shocked.jpg barrel. And the kingdom returns the petrodollars to fund weapons sales from and hate in the West.

The weapons are known. Riyad plans to purchase at least some $50 billion over the next five years. More than $40 billion of this will come in aircraft and related purchases from Britain and the United States. The rest will go to France, Russia and Pakistan.

The Saudis plan to export something in exchange for weapons: hate. Riyad has been financing the most virulent anti-Western literature that preaches jihad against non-Muslims.

You'd think that Riyad would be careful where it funds the hate literature. No way. The kingdom's focus has been Britain and the United States, essentially the Western backers of the house of Saud.

In London, Saudi-financed mosques are the key distributors of literature against Christians, Jews, Shi'ites and even moderate Muslims. The British think tank Policy Exchange visited 100 mosques and Islamic institutions funded by Saudi Arabia. Most of the books and pamphlets were in English and they called openly for the murder of gays and others who did not confirm to the Wahabi sect of Islam that dominates the kingdom.

"Saudi Arabia is the ideological source of much of this sectarianism — and must be held to account for it," Policy Exchange said in a report.

The government of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was briefed on the Saudi hate literature. But Abdullah didn't hear a word of this from his hosts during his visit to London last week. Brown was too busy trying to sell new weapons to Riyad while Queen Elizabeth was working on protocol with the Arab monarch.
For all the Dems, and Ron Paul -ite morons who think if we simply mind our own business we will all sing cumbaya, WAKE UP. And to all the absolute idiots in the admin who think we have 'allies' in the Al Saud, either you are paid off, petrified, or so incompetent we should coat you with tar and feathers. There IS no business relationship, or alliance possible with those who think they are fulfilling god's order to wipe out kufr-dom, one way or the other.
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Blogger WATCHER71 said...

And this demonstrates why we absolutely must come off petroleum. The Brown government recently and illegally forced the ending of a court case in the UK regarding corruption and bribery that would have 'embarrassed' the Saudi royal family. Of course they have nothing to hide !....The BS excuse was that we didn't want to lose the intelligence the Saudi's feed us....again probably BS intel, probably only useful for the Saudi regime to use MI6 to go after domestic enemies of the Saudi regime. I can't wait to come off petroleum so we can watch these f*****s starve! Not so long ago an investigation showed Saudi sponsored schools in England preaching hatred and Jihad. The government (UK) are a bunch of self serving hypocrites, more interested in back handers and sweeteners....so symptomatic of the BAD GOVERNANCE that has defined the UK for at least the last 30 years!

Saturday, November 10, 2007 5:28:00 pm  

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